A glimpse of my 2012.

Let's keep this page updated as much as possible just so I could browse this on December 31, few minutes before 2013 and I'll become nostalgic so I'll cry a bit and laugh after because of the memories that will remain forever!

ASI Logic Design Team: Victims of Love
happy birthday Ante Dulce!
belly is heavy, thank you KOREA!

like a goddess @ CYMA
MA Outing @ Sunshine Shin Resort, Danao
the SPEND ALL THE MONEY DAY! (payroll + tax refund + relocation allowance)
Noona's bday + Tiumpenz outing
spent the last day of Feb eating kangkong! haha!

sushi party @ Nonki
oh curls!
and may the odds be ever in your favor!
Team Building @ Hidden Paradise
CM Meeting with Miss Maan
despidida party for Siena and Joseph
Aireen's graduation :D

shabu-shabu @ Red House
Daddy fish's despidida party
NEC location transfer

Daddy fish's despidida party  Part II
first award in CX20K
Moalboal, the second time around; Wella's 21st birthday
Sweet May
Rose, the birthday gurl!
Outing with the family @ Dalaguete
with my CX20K family @ NSP Family Day
CX20K Despidida @ Wakamatsu Yakiniku
Last day @ NEC. oh the memories!
Tiumpenz Therapy Session #1

PG mode @ Mamma Maria's Pizzeria 

im old. 

pasta @ La Tegola
the birth of Max

can't get enough of Wakamatsu

MA team dinner @ TGIF
Romelyn - Rodney wedding

CM Talk #2. More kahigotgots than the 1st!
Bigbang Alive Tour 2012 in Manila

Faces of Halloween @ ASI

Visiting the beloved and departed
Karen-Julie bday celeb, Tiumpenz meet-up

CACA @ Spice Fusion
CACA @ Shakey's. (cr. Charles Anthony)
Alliance QGM and Brand Launching (cr. Charles Anthony)

ASI Rockin' Christmas Party
MA Christmas Party @ Quest Hotel resto(cr. Miss Yanna)
HOTS mini-party @ Wakamatsu Yakiniku
Logic + Friends Christmas party (cr. Charles Anthony)

Christmas day-out!