Wedding bells

Yesterday, I went to a close college friend's wedding. She is definitely not the first person that I could ever think of when we talk about marriage and babies. She's the most innocent and childlike person that I know and yet, she's the one who settled down first. Just see how life works in playful and mysterious ways!

Anyway, during that time, I came up with the realization that this is just gonna be the start of attending more weddings, baptismal ceremonies and all other adult stuff. Surely this wedding made me realize that I'm no teenager (???) anymore and our lives get serious every single day.

It's not that I'm afraid of facing adulthood. I've been facing this since my first day of work and geez, I thought I was already the most responsible person that I could ever be since that day but hell to the no! Seems like we all are still children with just a little glimpse of responsibility and maturity.  Alot are still needed to be learnt.

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