September: Wakamatsu + Fudge

Didn't even notice that we had already passed the first half of the year! See how time flies so fast!! BER-months are here to stay!

Anyway, the time of the month has come again to talk about our latest food trip! This time, we had two very different adventures that happened not on the same date! From japanese to sweets!

This is my 3rd time in this restaurant but seriously, I never get tired of their marinated chicken, pork short ribs, california maki, squid and scallops! Just listing them makes me crave for them more and more and even more! 

This visit makes Wakamatsu our official foodtrip venue. It was also Charles Anthony & Karlo-san's first time in this eat-all-you-can-until-you-dream-of-your-bed (SSB lang!) japanese restaurant. What made this trip like our first is their cold noodles that we tried for the first time. I did love the dish even if it was a bit spicy! Also, since it was the first foodtrip that Max was with us, I did not waste the chance to take a picture of the CACA (Culture Appreciation Club of Alliance) official members!

We had been wanting to visit this sweet heaven since 1st week of September because of their annual dessert buffet. But when we went there Sunday afternoon, their dessert menu is not that inviting and they only have a few cakes available so we just settled for their normal menu and went for their bestsellers. Too bad A wasn't able to come. T__T

the dishes...

This is my personal favorite out of all the dishes that we had ordered. Though my other companions think that the dish is somehow underseasoned and the mushrooms are overpowering, I still think this dish is worth a try! It just amazes me how all of those meaty stuff could fit in one ball of flour! And did you just notice that melting cheese on top?!?! OH LALALALALA! *wipes drool* I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering this the next time I visit Fudge. 

Choco Lava
This sweet darling is surprisingly VERY GOOD!! We have our individual order of this dish and good thing we did not have to share since it was just good heavens down to the last bite!

the other dishes...
cheesecake delight, sandwich with fries, ultimate combo, spicy buffalo wings
our happy faces...

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