I finally gave in! After a week of thinking whether to buy or not, here it is, my pretty Fuji Instax 210 that I had named.. MAX

MAX and the babies

I've been suffering for weeks already for my brain and heart is battling if I should by this pretty boy or not, or if ever I'll buy an instax, should I buy 210 or the 7s. Now I'll be sleeping well. Oh wait, I don't think so. I'll be giddy to let the days pass and have some osm events in my life so I can put my Max into action!

It was all a test of patience buying my instax. I had to get out of the office and had to be back in an hour for my purchase since I still have some office works to do and if I stay a bit longer to finish all the tasks, the shop might close. It was even hard to get a taxi in front of my work building!! When I get to the shop, I was greeted with 3 lovely people. They had been so nice and friendly to me. Seems like they're excited too with me buying my first ever instax. We went on with a little chitchat about how playful and nice to have an instant camera. In my mind, I was like, HELL YEAH! I CAN'T EVEN WAIT TO TRY IT!

And for my first shots... they are mostly failures since I can't really aim to have my subjects at the center of the photos. T_T

first shot. I swear, my subjects were centered when I shot this! haha

now I'm not sure if I should use my left eye or right eye to look in the viewfinder T_T
These are just few of the many that I'll be taking with Max. I'm now all giddy and excited to see those osm prints coming out of Max's mouth. I know instax would be fun, but I never thought it would be this so much fun! WWWEEEEEEEE! If only films are cheaper, I'll be happier! haha

teehee <3 td="td">

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