July + August: La Tegola

We failed to have our foodtrip for July due to some "valid" reasons (broke, OT, and broke) so we decided to have our pasta adventure as our July and August foodtrip.

Though we already had some touch of Italian cuisine last June, we still went for it but this time, there was no sign of pizza on our table. G and Charles Anthony are still pizza-full even if the pizza monster attack happened two months ago. haha.

the place
I do love the resto's interiors and decors. Truly felt like you're in some old place accompanied by some jazz-y music making the whole vibe calming and smooth. There were only few customers dining that time so our privacy was fully reached.

pasta platter
This dish was the STAR of the night for making the whole Italian experience worthwhile. 5 kinds of pasta in one dish only for php600. I fell inlove with the seafood pasta (one at the middle). The shrimps and squid totally won me over.

my php300 dish
I wasn't able to get the italian name of my dish. The only thing that I could remember is that it's composed of rolled beef tenderloin with ham and all other sorts of deli ingredients. I didn't get enough of pasta that I even had another one as my side dish instead of picking baked or smashed potato, and salad. OSM!

Overall, La Tegola made it to my list of restos that I would surely recommend to my friends. I'll definitely go back in here when the right time and money comes, to EAT MORE PASTA!!


  1. Idol, makagutom imong post!

  2. ooii idol, kinsa man ka? bahahah!

    salamat sa pagbasa idol. wa na lang ta nimo gibasa, gigutom na nuon ka. sunod kay kuyog nya haron naa nay molibre namo!

  3. Idol, dili man ang pagbasa ang nakapagutom. Ang pagtan-aw man sa mga litrato! Hehe. Sige, kuyog unya ko kung aduna na koy ikapang-libre ninyo. Ay, di lang ko oy kay masakpan na ko kung kinsa ko. Hehehe. :D

  4. ayhetchu. hhahaha.. sunod amo lang i-blur ang mga pics para di kaayo tempting.
    sseeesss, anonymous keu oi. pa-ila lang gud, di man keu ka namo pugson manlibre. slight lang.