My current addictions...


If I haven't read the tv series description, I would have thought this would be in the drama department but nah uh! 3 goofs goofing around spending the whole time making humongous hilarity. Nothing serious at all! 

This is something that I need to forget about all the stress lingering near me. Good thing it's on its 3rd season  and I'm still finishing the first. Just means I will be sticking to this series a lil bit longer! 

Oh, have you seen him wearing only trunks? *-P


It's been a long while since I got addicted to an album. Before, it was Jessie J's Who You Are and Far East Movement's Free Wired and my addiction to these albums before can't be compared to this. Overexposed has been playing for weeks already and LSS struck me every time! I don't know when this will end but I'm assuming till I memorize all the lyrics! haha

Lady Killer, The Man Who Never Lied, Daylight

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