the help

I can't remember the last time I cried like this because of a movie. This brings alot of powerful messages hidden in the society for a long time. Racism and White vs. Black may have been given some solution already but the fact still remains, that even for this time, these still exist.

Let this movie serve as an enlightenment to all. Let this movie move everybody's heart and teach us all a beautiful lesson we all should learn.

I surely can't wait to watch this again and just cry my heart out. Lotsa tears and lotsa laughs as well!



I did not believe it at first because I thought everything were just rumors. Maybe I do not like to believe and my mind is still in denial in believing that you can do such thing.

But now proofs came up and all the doubts are then clarified. I'm disgusted with your acts. Very DISGUSTED. How could you do such thing? I know you did everything for us but this is just too much! This bad thing that you did erased every good thing!

Too bad I can't confront you with this. Maybe in the right time I will but for now, I'll just keep my mouth shut. I'll wait for the right time to burst my feelings to you.

This is unforgivable. You just turned on the RED light!



I finally gave in! After a week of thinking whether to buy or not, here it is, my pretty Fuji Instax 210 that I had named.. MAX

MAX and the babies

I've been suffering for weeks already for my brain and heart is battling if I should by this pretty boy or not, or if ever I'll buy an instax, should I buy 210 or the 7s. Now I'll be sleeping well. Oh wait, I don't think so. I'll be giddy to let the days pass and have some osm events in my life so I can put my Max into action!

It was all a test of patience buying my instax. I had to get out of the office and had to be back in an hour for my purchase since I still have some office works to do and if I stay a bit longer to finish all the tasks, the shop might close. It was even hard to get a taxi in front of my work building!! When I get to the shop, I was greeted with 3 lovely people. They had been so nice and friendly to me. Seems like they're excited too with me buying my first ever instax. We went on with a little chitchat about how playful and nice to have an instant camera. In my mind, I was like, HELL YEAH! I CAN'T EVEN WAIT TO TRY IT!

And for my first shots... they are mostly failures since I can't really aim to have my subjects at the center of the photos. T_T

first shot. I swear, my subjects were centered when I shot this! haha

now I'm not sure if I should use my left eye or right eye to look in the viewfinder T_T
These are just few of the many that I'll be taking with Max. I'm now all giddy and excited to see those osm prints coming out of Max's mouth. I know instax would be fun, but I never thought it would be this so much fun! WWWEEEEEEEE! If only films are cheaper, I'll be happier! haha

teehee <3 td="td">



My current addictions...


If I haven't read the tv series description, I would have thought this would be in the drama department but nah uh! 3 goofs goofing around spending the whole time making humongous hilarity. Nothing serious at all! 

This is something that I need to forget about all the stress lingering near me. Good thing it's on its 3rd season  and I'm still finishing the first. Just means I will be sticking to this series a lil bit longer! 

Oh, have you seen him wearing only trunks? *-P


It's been a long while since I got addicted to an album. Before, it was Jessie J's Who You Are and Far East Movement's Free Wired and my addiction to these albums before can't be compared to this. Overexposed has been playing for weeks already and LSS struck me every time! I don't know when this will end but I'm assuming till I memorize all the lyrics! haha

Lady Killer, The Man Who Never Lied, Daylight


July + August: La Tegola

We failed to have our foodtrip for July due to some "valid" reasons (broke, OT, and broke) so we decided to have our pasta adventure as our July and August foodtrip.

Though we already had some touch of Italian cuisine last June, we still went for it but this time, there was no sign of pizza on our table. G and Charles Anthony are still pizza-full even if the pizza monster attack happened two months ago. haha.

the place
I do love the resto's interiors and decors. Truly felt like you're in some old place accompanied by some jazz-y music making the whole vibe calming and smooth. There were only few customers dining that time so our privacy was fully reached.

pasta platter
This dish was the STAR of the night for making the whole Italian experience worthwhile. 5 kinds of pasta in one dish only for php600. I fell inlove with the seafood pasta (one at the middle). The shrimps and squid totally won me over.

my php300 dish
I wasn't able to get the italian name of my dish. The only thing that I could remember is that it's composed of rolled beef tenderloin with ham and all other sorts of deli ingredients. I didn't get enough of pasta that I even had another one as my side dish instead of picking baked or smashed potato, and salad. OSM!

Overall, La Tegola made it to my list of restos that I would surely recommend to my friends. I'll definitely go back in here when the right time and money comes, to EAT MORE PASTA!!