Whatta Saturday!


I can't contain anymore my hurt and frustration knowing that the seat I had assumed to be SOON mine for the Bigbang Alive Tour concert is GONE in less than a minute or 2!

the purple seat in section VIP2. 

Announcements were already made few days ago, JULY 21, 1PM. I've been awake @ 5 FREAKIN' AM and been stuck in bed daydreaming until 9. Went online waiting for the ticket selling to start. 1PM strikes and I'm giddy as hell. Typed https://www.smtickets.com in the browser and BOOOOOM!!! Website not available

How great is that for a crazy and poor fangirl just wanting to meet my men?!

I should've just went direclty to SM. Been jealous alot for all those people who were able to purchase their tickets. And over-the-top jealous for that person who took my FRONT ROW SEAT!!! It could have been mine, I could have purchased it! But oh well, I have no hate for you dear, I'm happy for you being able to see our men in microscopic point of view.

And me, oh, TIME CHECK: 6:21PM. smtickets website, still NOT AVAILABLE. This is definitely one of the times I would want to wish for a time machine and for SM to be just beside my home.


This is the end of the rant about the FRUSTRATING PART OF BEING A FANGIRL.


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