sigh of relief

I guess panic and frustration could really push you to do things in an impulse.

From my rants in the previous post, I AM STILL VERY ANGRY WITH SMTICKETS, but I guess the kpop gods are still really very good to me and seems like I had saved a puppy from a truck speeding down the street in my previous life for they had given me the chance to buy a ticket before everything goes soldout!

blurred just to hide some details
I did not plan on going to SM in such a very short notice. 6PM strikes and SMTICKETS is still nowhere to be found. Checked all resources - twitter, facebook, blogs and no news yet as to when the site's gonna be fixed. I panicked already and since I did not want Sunday to arrive without any ticket purchased, I just then decided to go directly to SM and buy the ticket myself.

I guess that's the best decision I had ever made since when I went back and check the site, yes, it's fixed already but there are still some errors - picking a seat will just lead you back to the homepage, slow-as-a-turtle page load.

CONCERT TICKETS - fyeah super checked!

Half way done. GOOD JOB!

Whatta Saturday!


I can't contain anymore my hurt and frustration knowing that the seat I had assumed to be SOON mine for the Bigbang Alive Tour concert is GONE in less than a minute or 2!

the purple seat in section VIP2. 

Announcements were already made few days ago, JULY 21, 1PM. I've been awake @ 5 FREAKIN' AM and been stuck in bed daydreaming until 9. Went online waiting for the ticket selling to start. 1PM strikes and I'm giddy as hell. Typed https://www.smtickets.com in the browser and BOOOOOM!!! Website not available

How great is that for a crazy and poor fangirl just wanting to meet my men?!

I should've just went direclty to SM. Been jealous alot for all those people who were able to purchase their tickets. And over-the-top jealous for that person who took my FRONT ROW SEAT!!! It could have been mine, I could have purchased it! But oh well, I have no hate for you dear, I'm happy for you being able to see our men in microscopic point of view.

And me, oh, TIME CHECK: 6:21PM. smtickets website, still NOT AVAILABLE. This is definitely one of the times I would want to wish for a time machine and for SM to be just beside my home.


This is the end of the rant about the FRUSTRATING PART OF BEING A FANGIRL.



Fifty Shades of @_@

Since almost everyone's reading this trilogy, I decided to follow the trend. Of course I wiki-ed this trilogy first and I already knew that it's erotic but NEVER DID I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE THIS EROTIC!

Surely would corrupt innocent minds. These books should NOT be read by weak hearted and conservative people.

And fanatics are even considering this to be turned to movie. IS THAT EVEN LEGAL AND POSSIBLE? THAT'S JUST LIKE LEGIT PORN IN CINEMAS!!!!!!!!!

And the really overwhelming part, they're eyeing on IAM SOMERHALDER or RYAN GOSLING for CHRISTIAN GREY! NO NO NO NO! As much I would want these guys to be naked and steamy, I just don't want to dirty my thoughts for them and think of them as porn stars! Have other guy I do not know please!

And for hilarity sake, some wants ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART! BWAAAAHHAHAHAHH! that's hilarity, level: STUPID!

Right now, I'm still on my first book, and about to finish. As I get going, the hotter the scenes and the more mysteries unlocked about Christian Grey.