Me and my sister, we are close enemies!

We both show our sisterly love and affection through slapping each other's faces, pulling each other's hair, and cursing each other till our mouths bleed.

There are times that we agree on the same thing, and there are also times (MOST OF THE TIME) that we just hate each other so much that when I think of those good things that I wish to do with her, it just makes my blood boil and makes me think to NEVER EVER do those good things to her EVER!

I cannot say that our sister relationship is healthy and normal. We fight often and we don't usually talk about alot of things in life. I talk to her only when I need her to do some things, and she talks to me only when she is in need. Aren't we just the best example of great sisters?

But no matter how I hate her and her guts, even though it's awkward to say, I still do care for her. We fight today and tomorrow we're okay, then we fight the next day and then we make up the other day. Even if our setup is like this, I still can't resist on being a sister to her even in my own little ways. I guess that's how life works, blood WILL ALWAYS be thicker than water!

just look how happy we are to be beside each other! D:
Oh you little sister, better be good to me!

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