June: Mamma Maria's Pizzeria

This month's foodtrip includes a sweet party for A since she's celebrating her birthday a day after. Also, Karlo-san will be taking a leave (nobody knows for how long) and this will be the last time that the 5 of us, hungry people, will be together!

And since a lot of celebrations are up, we decided to eat BIGTIME!! and Mamma Maria's Pizzeria in IT Park is calling us!!!!

their 30-inch pizza
We ordered their Mamma Mia pizza XXL Party size Php1135. 2 1.5liter of softdrinks were already included. Pretty satisfying deal especially for hungry people! Pizza wasn't served yet but we already knew we all will be full after!

that's our pizza! FYEAH!
Since the pizza will take many minutes to cook, we started first with our dessertSSSS...
cupcakes c/o Sweet Little Things, cake c/o Red Ribbon
I'm gonna blame these sweets why I wasn't able to eat more pizza. I was half-full when pizza arrived. T_T

This is what's left after raising the white flag
I'm lazy right now do any specific review for this restaurant but if you're ssooooo hungry and you're with your friends and you're in a tight budget and you all want to be tummy full, then you better check this resto out. Their wifi is also fast and another plus would be that their waitresses are accommodating and friendly! :D

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