Me and my sister, we are close enemies!

We both show our sisterly love and affection through slapping each other's faces, pulling each other's hair, and cursing each other till our mouths bleed.

There are times that we agree on the same thing, and there are also times (MOST OF THE TIME) that we just hate each other so much that when I think of those good things that I wish to do with her, it just makes my blood boil and makes me think to NEVER EVER do those good things to her EVER!

I cannot say that our sister relationship is healthy and normal. We fight often and we don't usually talk about alot of things in life. I talk to her only when I need her to do some things, and she talks to me only when she is in need. Aren't we just the best example of great sisters?

But no matter how I hate her and her guts, even though it's awkward to say, I still do care for her. We fight today and tomorrow we're okay, then we fight the next day and then we make up the other day. Even if our setup is like this, I still can't resist on being a sister to her even in my own little ways. I guess that's how life works, blood WILL ALWAYS be thicker than water!

just look how happy we are to be beside each other! D:
Oh you little sister, better be good to me!


Im going. SHOULD!!!

My love and obsession for Bigbang is not a secret at all. In this blog, I had created posts for these men gazillion times already. All entries contain adoration and appreciation for them, their bodies >.<, performances and many others. I'm one of the many who had been a fan since we-all-don't-know-when.

Of course, part of being a fangirl is the desire to see your idols for real. Even if you can't touch them or shake their hands, it still makes fangirls pee in their pants knowing that their idols are just meters away from them. Seeing them means crashing out an item in the bucket list, and then going for the next mission: MARRYING ONE OF THEM! haha

So when I had found out that Bigbang is doing a world tour and they're gonna be stopping by here in the Philippines, I already then made up my mind to go and save up! THIS IS IT! I'M GONNA BE SEEING THEM LIVE! FOR REAL! NO MORE CRUSHED HOPES, NO MORE DAYDREAMING! OH MY EFFIN GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna fulfill my fangirl dreams even if it means travelling alone for the very first time! I always fear going somewhere not very familiar to me. I don't want to get lost and to feel like crying and to feel homesick but I guess this moment is the right time for me to conquer all these. I'm a grown-up now, this should just be easy! CHARENG!

I'm looking forward to seeing my fellow VIPS during the concert too. All throughout my fangirl time, I had gained friends all over the Philippines and all over the world. Due to no reason to meet up, we were just happy in talking and chatting on fb, skype, twitter and chatrolls. This time, we all have a reason to see each other face-to-face. We all now will be seeing each other squeak and giggle. OMG, just the thought of it makes me all giddy and excited! KKYYAAHHH!!!!

I already started saving, and right now, I don't see any reason yet to not attend the event. I just hope my excitement will help me push this trip through. This happens only once. I don't know when they'll be back for another one. So why miss this chance?

Kpop gods, let me fulfill my fangirl dreams, take all the negative thoughts away. Lemme pursue this chance with flying colors and rainbows. May no unexpected circumstances be on the way! pretty please.


June: Mamma Maria's Pizzeria

This month's foodtrip includes a sweet party for A since she's celebrating her birthday a day after. Also, Karlo-san will be taking a leave (nobody knows for how long) and this will be the last time that the 5 of us, hungry people, will be together!

And since a lot of celebrations are up, we decided to eat BIGTIME!! and Mamma Maria's Pizzeria in IT Park is calling us!!!!

their 30-inch pizza
We ordered their Mamma Mia pizza XXL Party size Php1135. 2 1.5liter of softdrinks were already included. Pretty satisfying deal especially for hungry people! Pizza wasn't served yet but we already knew we all will be full after!

that's our pizza! FYEAH!
Since the pizza will take many minutes to cook, we started first with our dessertSSSS...
cupcakes c/o Sweet Little Things, cake c/o Red Ribbon
I'm gonna blame these sweets why I wasn't able to eat more pizza. I was half-full when pizza arrived. T_T

This is what's left after raising the white flag
I'm lazy right now do any specific review for this restaurant but if you're ssooooo hungry and you're with your friends and you're in a tight budget and you all want to be tummy full, then you better check this resto out. Their wifi is also fast and another plus would be that their waitresses are accommodating and friendly! :D