goodbye :'(

My short vacation is over.

I'm privileged to be given the opportunity to work in NEC even for just 4 months. I was able to try something different from my normal everyday workplace. It was a blast of fresh air!

Even for that little span of time, I was able to grow as a better person with the help of my fellow teammates and superiors. They had showed me the different side of work, something gentle and kind.

If there's one thing that I mostly regret, it would be that I wasn't able to fully maximize my time to know my workmates more. We had shared loads of good laughs, there's also a hint of stress and pain. These make goodbyes hard enough to take.

To my CX20K team,
thanks for being awesome and cool. Til the next time we say HELLO and HI!

photo credit: tin :D


Season Enders

Why do they have to end all at the same time?

me wants some Jess and Nick love! Pair them up puhleezz!
Love their music choices, Hate their plot
Elena as a vampire, nice!
Percy's dead, yay! But Amanda's on the move! Women  Fight FTW!
Can I just have this show everyday? I SHUUUPER DUUUPER LOVE IT!
Now I don't have anything to look forward to every freakin' week!!!!! D:


May: Ramen @ 168 Ramen House + Brownie @ La Marea

This foodtrip was the most unplanned of all. It was almost cancelled due to G and A's weekday OTs but we were glad it was pushed through. We hadn't raped google this month unlike the previous months since we all just decided to get some ramen, and since it was ramen we are all talking about, the help of google is not necessary anymore! all thanks to Karlo-san's japanese influence and ramen expertise ^-^

Also for this foodtrip, we are happy to have another plus one in our family of hungry people!!!! It just proves that our family is getting bigger and hungrier every month :D

Ladies and Gents, Charles Anthony Lerasan! WAHAHAHHA! full name ang peg
For our ramen experience, it was Karlo-san who picked the place. We ate at 168 Ramen House.

I wasn't able to take note of their ramen varieties and their prices but scanning through their menu, prices range from 250 - 400 pesos. A bowl could fill one's tummy and if you're on a diet / a person who eats less, you can share the dish with another person who'll finish it with you!

me with my big bowl! nomnomnom
A and G with their own bowls of ramen. 
I wouldn't say that there's something extraordinary in the restaurant. It's the typical type with waitresses serving you menus and asking for your orders. What makes this experience memorable though is that we were able to embrace japanese culture (for the 2nd time) through the osmness of ramen, naruto, veggies (O__O) and siomai!

After finishing a bowl, I was all giddy and excited to move on to dessert time!!!!!!!!

Since the ramen house's location is just beside many other restaurants you can ever think of, we had spotted La Marea and decided to try it for our dessert!!!!

The store serves desserts which, I say, are worth your every bucks! I was a happy customer when I left <3

the moment when you wish you have all the money in the world to buy these!
my taste of heaven! Apple crumble #*U$#HAWEY@%^LF@#$HAY$^ in a cup!
5 hungry mouths
I had finally found my dessert pleasures in La Marea. I'll sure add tasting every dessert in their menu to my bucket list. They not only serve warm brownie topped with ice cream, but also cakes, cookies, muffins and a lot more. I'm not sure if their desserts are a bit pricey or not but I am a bias for desserts and I tend to not mind how much I am spending just for a piece of sweet.

So that wraps our May foodtrip. Improving from 1 restaurant per night to 2, and from 4 foodtrippers to 5. EAT ALL THE FOOD!!!!!!!



Da Best Award

This week, I've been the awardee of our little team recognition. This award is given to the person who had contributed something beneficial to the progress of the team. I wasn't expecting it, SERIOUSLY, coz I know there were some of my teammates who had worked even harder than I did. But anyway, I did appreciate greatly the recognition knowing that my efforts were appreciated. It did boost my urge to work harder and do great with my tasks, but at the same time, it adds to the pressure of exceeding the expectations thrown upon me. If this is what it takes to improve my work attitude and to grow as a responsible employee, then CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I love my whole CX20K team. I love my work.