Lil sistah's graduation

After years in the elementary department, the youngest in the family finally grabbed her diploma on stage yesterday.

and as if we don't fight over my rings and hair conditioners! Sisterly love <3
lunch celebration @ Cabalen
5-yr old cousin's awards! Proud! 
our 3 dalagindings
my brother's newly bought guitar! Nagbibinata na rin!

This is the first occasion that mama's not with us. If she was here, she would be so proud and she would be hands-on in doing my lil sister's hair and make-up. She would also pick a better dress for my sister to wear. hahahahah! It may feel awkward and incomplete for my mama to not be here but there's nothing else that we could do but to be familiar with the feeling of just the 4 of us together now.

Congratulations lil sis, welcome to highschool!

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