April: Shabu2x @ Red House

Just before the Holy Week vacation and before our friend G gets broke since she's going back to Davao, we decided to have our foodtrip, April edition.

This time, we were at Red House Taiwan Sha-bu Sha-bu

The restaurant is like any other Asian resto, wooden furniture and ornaments, with brown, dark white and yellow as dominant colors. Even if the whole restaurant space is not quite that big, the tables are generously spaced so each group of customers could have a little sense of privacy.

I have many things to say about this one.

First, the staff are really not that attentive. While we were outside waiting for our turn to dine in, nobody had took consideration of clearing the empty tables for their next customers. We have to go again inside to tell their staff to please clean a table for us 4. T__T

Second, they're not so polite and obviously, customer service wasn't anything they're well taught of. There was no greeting whatsoever when we entered, they were like so anti-social that our only reason for interaction was when we had our orders. I'm not expecting them to chitchat with us for hours but what I was expecting is for them to make us feel that we could inquire and ask them about anything that concerns their restaurant. They could have also given us a smile when serving the dishes since we waited long enough outside just to get in. hmph.

Lastly, It took them 20 minutes to give us our bill. I think the reason though is that we asked for the bill a little earlier and they're still supposed to give us desserts. I would've appreciated it if they just approached us and told us to wait for a couple more minutes for our desserts to be served before getting our bill. geez!

Even if we had bad experience in their customer service, we had the opposite when it came to their FFOODDD!

It was my first time to try shabu2x. Even if it felt awkward to not have a plain rice in this meal (we did not order coz we thought we ordered much already and we might not finish everything off), I was way more than satisfied indulging myself in new gastronomic dishes in our table!

how it looks inside the pot! :D

the coffee jelly that took them 20minutes to serve! but it's free thou! :D

I was taken aback about how I greatly enjoyed shabu-shabu. It wasn't enticing on pictures and when I passed infront any shabu-shabu restaurant. hahahaha! I would definitely try it again with new dumplings and dishes dropped in the pot! :D

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