March: JAPANESE FOOD @ Nonki

After going Greek, we decided to get our hunger for exciting food indulgences back to Asia. This time, we finally pursued Japanese cuisine.

Our March food trip is somehow special because it wasn't just the 3 of us who were able to enjoy the sumptuous delight. We had our special guest, K-san (might as well hide his identity, like G and A), who I hope would accompany us in our next food adventures. We are still looking for new members to join our food team and yes fellas, everybody's welcome!

I would say that of the 3 restaurants that we had visited, Nonki's the best. We were able to occupy one of their rooms, making our experience private. This way, nobody would notice how I suck at using chopsticks! HAHA! The restaurant is also clean and neat. Each room has 2 tables, each could handle 4 people. Their table and seat structure is also soooo Japanese. I just love how you get so cozy and comfortable feeling like a true-blooded Jap.

Aside from the fact that the waitresses were properly-dressed, they were also very polite in answering all of our questions. It took us about 15minutes to say our orders coz we were still asking our waitress what those dishes in the menu are made of. Nonki has a wide variety of dishes available and if you are going there with low knowledge of Japanese cuisine, better bring someone who knows about the jap menu . Lucky for us that we have K-san to tell us if this dish is deli or not. WOOOOTT!

Let me play the role of Captain Obvious here.... THE FOOD IS SOOOOO JAPANESE!!!!!! Now let the pictures make you hungry!

Party Sushi (P1400.00)
This has got to be the main attraction of our food trip. We were able to taste a variety of sushi with just this dish and trust me, for a Japanese newbie like me, every sushi is glittering!! Thou it's weird that if you let me differentiate the taste of each sushi right now, I probably would just give you a blank stare. I should have eaten every sushi with a long pause in between just so I could know their difference in taste.

Age Dashi Tofu (P140.00)
Chicken Teriyaki (P180.00)
Kushi Katsu (P160.00)
G's order. It's rice topped with scrambled egg with sausages, chicken hotdogs, onions,  whatevs. 
Yaki Gyoza (P130.00)

Oyako Don (P190.00), my order :D
my least fave for the night. haha! but still worth the try!
coffe jelly with green tea ice cream

the shuuuper 4!
There's no better way to stress-free yourself than indulge in some great food! Itadakimasu!

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