My first ever Career Management meeting in ASI was done at Arano's - an authentic Spanish restaurant in Guadalupe.

This resto is not your typical food hub with huge banner and gazillion lights surrounding it. Located inside a village, the restaurant's facade consists mainly of a blank white wall covered with vines, a simple wooden door, and a little signage saying "Arano's"

We arrived around 8pm, it was Wednesday so we were already expecting few customers inside. We opted to dine outside where there were trees and leaves all over the place. They also played Spanish songs, adding to the Spanish feel of the night!

paella, good for 8, P500
The paella alone quenches your hunger for Spanish food authenticity. I'm not much of a fan of Spanish cuisuine but this dish I will mark as one of my faves. It's not too salty and it's topped generously with seafood stuff. You'll definitely get your money's worth!

Baked Chicken, P360
This baked chicken is also a must-try. I'm pretty sure there were alot of spices enveloping this little heaven coz there's always this authentic taste in every mouthful of this meat.

We also ordered Lengua and Callos which unfortunately I wasn't able to take picture of.

I would highly recommend Arano's to all those who wants to try Spanish cuisine but doesn't want spending much bucks for it. Prices are pretty cheap yet the food are not sacrificed!

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