when I said I heart chocolates, I wasn't kidding!

the 2nd thing I bought after a mango cake. I am totally not a sugar-addict! HA!
lovely how they're all piled like books, only they don't make you fall asleep after a couple of minutes~
Today's payday and what else could I do than to buy something that will keep me happy until the next payday. Seriously, I was only gonna buy like 5 of 'em but then sugar rush, maybe, let me grab all without thinking how much I'm gonna pay later. Regret came when I saw the bill, and damn, I spent P700.00 just for chocolates. I was sad, then didn't care at all after a few positive thinking. THESE CHOCOLATES ARE MY HEROES. THEY SAVE ME FROM BOREDOM AND SLEEPINESS AT WORK!

And let the chocolate munching begin...

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