my twitter past

hey everbody, since I had so much time in hand to waste before Monday strikes again, I decided to check on twitter! Since I started with my job ( April of last year), I went full-time busy and I wasn't able to tweet more like a twitter whore like those college days of mine when everytime I go online, I login to twitter!

I was SSOOOO addicted to twitter before that I more of like tweet than update my status on fb. I tweet almost everyday, or every 15 minutes depending on whether I have my twitter buddies online! I even tweet during my laboratory classes in college, reason why I don't finish my lab activities on time, and reason why I just copy answers from my classmates! haha

I use twitter for my kpop pleasures. I should have thanked my kpop gaga-ness for my twitter activity. Most of my twitter friends are kpop fanatics and we do like tweet each other almost everyday, laugh on some hilarious and out-of-the-world kpop news, become perverts when someone shares a picture of a topless kpop idol, and go hysterical when gossips and rumors of Taeyang having a romantic relationship with someone goes online. Everyday seems not complete if I don't tweet, for real! I could still remember when a new MV is expected to come out and every kpop fan is online on twitter tweeting each other about all those ecstatic stuff while waiting for the MV. And then we go angry when the MV is not released on time. Surely made me laugh how they curse and tweet some jokes on the kpop companies about being late and stuff! haha! I even watch kpop streamings and tweet at the same time before. Those days feel like I'm not watching the kpop shows alone. I have other kpop fans to back me up on whatever I think about the kpop stars. Those days are just pure osm. nuff said!

It's just a bit sad now that I can't be like my old twitter self. I have my work trapping me in my workstation and letting me do all those programming stuff. And when I go home, I am too drained to stay online for a little tweet chat with mah friends. I just wish I could be twitter active again. I am not seeing it to happen soon but I guess with less worktime and osm wifi, I'll get back to my twitterwhoring days in no time!

Oh twitter, how I've missed you! xoxo

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