MA Outing, and it all came to an end

And the hot summer days are about to come again! I have this feeling that I'll be getting mehself some old good tan in the next few months.

This post is sooooo outdated since our MA Outing happened last Feb 4. I'm blaming my adaptation to my new work environment ( from Alliance to NEC ) for my late post. ansaveeeehh! lol

So my MA project had finally ended and the team decided to end this chapter with an outing. Everybody went giddy since this is gonna be like our last hurrah before we all part ways and get distributed to other projects. Better spend the last moments with the team in a happy way, right?

I'm a bit sad though that some of the MA project members weren't able to attend due to their own personal reasons. There could have been more fun if ALL of us were able to celebrate the team's success. T_T

on our way to Sunshine Shin Resort, Danao
their pool. there were gazillion of kids that day but good thing we shoved them away when we went swimming! lolz so much for being role models!
we played 7UP game and the losers get to have a free charcoal make-up. AREN'T WE ALL PRETTY???
swimming time!!!!
we played water frisbee. im still scared of the waters so I wasn't able to display my athletic skills that time! haha
hands down the most hilarious picture of all! HAHAHAHAHAH
evening came, food was served! YUUMMMM!
overpriced breakfast! lolz
group picture before the outing ends
now here comes the cheesy part:
Thanks MA for making me stronger and letting me discover my strengths and weaknesses. You will forever be remembered as my first ever software project in ASI. I've spent so much with you already. I had laughed, I had OTed. You gave me stress, you also gave me happiness.

For my fellow MA members, we may part ways but yes fellahs, I will forever remember the moments! :D :D :D

photo credit: Ms Yanna and Sir Jez

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