February: GREEK FOOD @ Cyma

After the first ever successful foodtrip last January with G and A (I am obliged and forced to hide my friends' identities in this blog due to their own demands), we then ecstatically abused google again to look for another superb food hub to indulge ourselves into! We were torn among other awesome food choices but the lucky entry that won was GREEK CUISINE and as far as good food and good reviews were concerned, CYMA is the place to be!

Cyma is quite smaller compared to the other restaurants located at The Terraces, Ayala. I think they only have 8-10 tables for the customers so expect your dining experience in there to be intimate. What I really like about the resto is that you somehow get that Greek feel because of the blue color of their chairs. With the lighting, I was expecting it to be brighter, like super brilliant white. I do think Greek gods and goddesses do their feast in a dining hall with gazillions of lights, just so everybody could see all the flaunted gowns of the great goddesses and all the mouth-watering food in the table. lol

Food was served a little bit late. The other food that we ordered came in 15-20 minutes after the appetizer was served. Their waiters and waitresses were very accommodating though. When our flaming cheese and flaming mango dishes were served, they need to shout OPA! as part of their dish presentation. They were very polite to tell the other customers about this just so the others won't be surprised and would not suffer from a mini-heart attack after the shouting is done. haha! The OPA! shout surely made the other customers curious and fascinated like WOW!


Saganaki - Cyma Original (P200.00)
For appetizer, we tried their speciality, SAGANAKI, their flaming cheese dish wherein the waiters would shout OPA! when this is served. You need to finish this dish fast because the cooler the mozzarella gets, the stickier and harder it is to spread on the bread!

Chicken Gyro (P160.00)
I <3 Cyma's chicken gyro! The three of us obviously underestimated its size since we weren't able to finish it after few full bites. This gyro alone could fill an empty stomach. The pita is thick and the insides are just fireworks of tastes and flavours. I could've just wished I wasn't that full so I could finish this beauty up to the last bite!

Pastitsio (P330.00)
Also one of the must-try dishes that I wished we were able to finish. This Greek baked macaroni is one good pasta delight. It was my first time to taste Greek Bechamel, the sauce placed on top of this. It complemented the meat sauce and pasta and adds this new flavor in the after-taste. Eating only the bechamel would taste blunt but eating it together with the rest is <3. Definitely worth your bucks!

Paidakia (P650.00)
I am not much of a fan of this grilled lamb ribs dish (thou I was the one who finished it off! lol) because it's greasy all over and due to its greasiness, you need to finish it fast or it will cool down and the fats would just turn yuck! It also has this taste that would not get out of your mouth even after you toothbrush! But I love the lamb meat thou. Also my first time and I think the lamb meat part is terrific and well-cooked. The fatty part is overly fatty but is still good enough for the taste.

Flaming Mangoes (P250.00)
For dessert, we ordered something flaming again so we could have the OPA! experience for the second time! This dish is lovely for your sweet tooth! I just think though that I could make this one at home. I could just heat some sugar, chop some mangoes and place it in the pan, then I'll scoop some vanilla ice cream and voila, I'll have my own flaming mangoes!

me with G and A! lol
Do I want to go back? Yes. I wanna reorder gyro and this time, I will try to finish it! I also want to try a seafood dish or maybe kabob. The Cyma experience was worth the experience and first times. Obviously, we weren't able to enjoy all our dishes because we just ordered sooooo much that even after few bites, we already feel full. We did this mistake last January in our Korean food trip. We'll just try not to do the same mistake again this March! <3 <3 <3

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