HOMAYGAD, after few days of thinking where I'll end up after my first ever project in ASI, verdict had finally came:


I'm gonna be outsourced to NEC starting first day of Feb!

It's not that I want to leave my current project so bad. I've spent my first 9 work months in it. All kinds of stress, overtime, and heartache, I've experienced them all in my MA project. I'm happy to go because I'll be experiencing something new. There will probably be more stress, overtimes, and heartaches, but the fact still remains, THEY WILL BE ALL NEW! roflmao

I also wanted to meet new people, stare and stalk new faces, meet my colleagues, have a new work life in a new workplace. This whole thing just makes me SSOOO GIDDDDYY! Yes fellas, I'M EXCITED AS FUDGE!

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