January: KOREAN FOOD @ Han Guk Kwan

This year, me and my two other close friends decided to make 2012 a year of glorious food indulgences. Going out and trying something new in the food department every month is not a bad idea. Exploring is the key, Heavy tummy is the success. 

This JANUARY, food theme is KOREAN. Not much of a surprise since we are fans of kpop and we are quite interested and curious about the food we see in kpop reality shows! Good luck to me since korean food consists of 60% veggies, which, unfortunately, I'm not a fan of. 

Our google research led us to Han Guk Kwan restaurant. And as far as our sense of direction is concerned, it's few steps beside Ayala Terminal, just near the Archbishop Reyes and Lahug intersection. It can easily be seen since their signage's written in BIG BOLD korean letters. 

I wasn't able to take pics of the whole restaurant since we were situated in a table which is beside a big white wall. The facade makes the restaurant look small but when you go inside, it's spacious, has two types of table, one with normal chairs, and one where you can squat and eat like a true-blooded korean. We decided to go for the table with chairs just so we won't squeeze our tummies for squatting. haha

The waitresses were nice enough to teach us, non-korean restaurant goers/ first-timers, how to do the whole frying thing. They were also approachable and friendly and were kind enough to answer our inquiries throughout our dinner. 

Definitely quenched our hunger for authentic korean food. We may not have any other korean restaurants to compare Han Guk Kan with, but as a typical foodie, I would say that the food had set the bar high for our next monthly food trips. 

Sam Gyeop Sal(200.00) and Chadel Bak i (P200.00)
How it looks on the pan
I've been dying to try this one. I always get curious how it feels to fry your own food in the table and eat it afterwards. I guess the thrill of releasing your creativity on how you cook your own food makes the experience more appetizing! There were also side dishes that were new to me and I'm emphasizing that I am no veggie lover but I did wrap the lettuce to the bacon strip with spicy sauce. The taste? HEAVEN. 

Budae Jjigae (P400.00)
when you're near this stew, you can't help but smile and starve!
This stew is a must-try for foodies who want to explore korean dishes. It's like noodles and all kinds of meat in a stew. Definitely worth your bucks!

Jajang myeon (P150.00)
Glenduh had always wanted this sooooo bad after watching k-stars eat this in reality shows. She described this before as "JUICY KAAYO TAN-AWON"  which also describes the taste. It's not sweet, not too salty. Just the right amount of flavour that will make you remember this and prolly have this as your fave korean dish. My first ever black noodles. hooray!

Bibimbap (200.00)
I wasn't able to take a picture of bibimbap when it was still pretty, the time we had not mixed all the veggies yet. This was the ONLY dish I wasn't able to try since this entirely consists of veggies. I was able to take the lettuce with bacon strips but not this one. haha

and the one-time KOREAN feel would not be complete without this!
halfway through the drink, Aiko felt light-weighted, Glenduh's face went rossy red, and I felt dizzy! hahah

To sum this up, the whole korean extravagance had made me want to taste the rest of the dishes we were not able to order. Every dish made our night worth-remembering. I would have wanted to eat more but the dishes we ordered were just SOOO MORE than enough for the 3 of us. We were literally panicking on what to eat first because of the gazillions of side dishes available plus the fact that everything is our first time to try. Do I want to indulge myself in another korean experience? ABSOLUTELY!

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