I got JUX

I finally found a new home online thru JUX.COM. It's like a blog, picture-ified! You just get to post pics, vids, slideshows, quotes and stuff which I think is beneficial for a blogger like me who prefers to let pictures do all the talking! I just wish I had met this little lovely site before 2012 started so I could make my own 365 ( collection of pictures from Jan 1 to Dec 31) but I assume I would fail in posting pics everyday so I don't think that would work for me.

I believe JUX.COM is still starting since they only have one template available. You can't customize your page, like do all the colors and fonts, blah blah blah. I think it's classy though since it's keeping its simplicity in place. I like how you get your picture posted in fullscreen. No ads, sidebars and stuff. Just your picture and a little caption. OSM!

Now you guys stalk me in my new nest, http://ethileenirese.jux.com/


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