The floral top

I am an avid reader of Laureen Uy's blog and when I stumble on her famous online hub, her fashion style and wit never fail to amaze me, EVERYTIME! Love her clothes, and most of all, her accessories!

So I do my regular visit on her site and her post entitled For Amethyst placed a wide smile on my face! Her cute floral top is the same top I wore on my first ASI Christmas party. 

photo taken from Laureen's blog. I don't own this!
Me, second to the left, wearing the same floral top

Geez, I never appreciated the top's elegance that much until I saw Laureen's pictures. I mean, the top's cute and all but seeing it worn by a fashion celebrity, it makes it more elegant. It just went ELEGANT IN EVERY LEVEL. She just role modeled the saying: Girls should rock their outfits, and not their outfits rocking them! 

Funny how it didn't make any impact when I wore it last December. haha!

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