It's Crazy, it's stupid, it's love!

So I finally watched this movie yesterday. And for the record, I watched this movie twice since I was 15 minutes late when I arrived so I need to rewatch the whole thing and dammit, I'll give this movie a PERFECT 10!

First of all, this movie has awesome actors and actresses. Hands down! Everyone is seen, everyone is heard! It's a perfect blend! If I become a movie director, I wanna get all of the casts for my film coz they all just possess great talent and skills. They make the movie believable and funny-without-being-funny!

This movie not only makes you happy in the eyes (RYAN GOSLING. RYAN GOSLING's ABS. RYAN GOSLING's HOTNESS) but also in the heart. Lotsa lessons learned about how crazy and stupid love is. I guess this is what everybody needs! Yes, everybody needs this movie! It shows all forms of love, it may be one-night-stand lusts, crushes, bf-gf love, heartbreaks, heartaches, marriages, NAME IT, EVERYTHING IS IN HERE! I'm pretty sure that when you watch this,you'll have one movie character that you could relate to!

Emma Stone, she's awesome. Didn't know I could still love her more even if I had loved her the most after Easy A. She's definitely the actress that makes other actresses run for their money. She carries her character with so much class and beauty making that character your instant favorite. I am pretty sure that I won't be having any regrets if I would choose to watch all of her upcoming films in theaters even if it would mean that I'll get broke. 

and my man, Ryan Gosling, is the ultimate man! He does everything with so little effort yet he still looks flaming sexy! From eating that cheesy pizza, to slapping Steve Carell's face, OH MY GAWD! Yes, my friends, my sanity's gone right after I have seen him in this movie. I would prolly sell my kidney to the devil just to catch a glimpse of him in real life, and sell my intestines (small and large) just to handshake him! He, for me, is the epitome of a perfect guy, nuff said!

If ever you still have doubts if you're gonna watch this movie or not, then doubt no more! Head to theaters right away and watch this great masterpiece coz I tell you, it's worth your movie bucks! There are still alot of things going on that I haven't told in this post, lotsa other characters I'm pretty sure you're gonna love so yeah, watch this film, like NOW!

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