oh my july!

My favorite month of the year.

My birthmonth.

Since I'll be celebrating my 21st this 25th, I am saving up to buy something for myself and also to treat my family, friends and workmates.  It basically is required now since I'm already earning some bucks!

But the big Q is, WHAT SHOULD I GIVE TO MYSELF AS PRESENT? I'm thinking of something big but not so big....


I have been planning to buy this since forever but I got all my priorities fixed so I had left this behind a bit. I always wanted to buy this. I've been a Taeyang fan and what else would be greater as a present to myself than a shirtless, sweaty Taeyang singing and dancing my fave songs!?


Me and my bro are in this I-delete-your-pc-files-since-you-deleted-mine relationship. I deleted his pc games before and as his sign of revenge, he deleted all my kpop files. IKR, we both love each other! *rolls eyes* So just to be safe, I need to buy myself an external HD and since I got all my old files saved in DVDs and our DVD drive is sick, I also need to buy a new one.


My hair's a big mess. I think it needs any treatment it could get so I could have my old shiny, straight hair back. I'm also planning to dye it (still not sure with what color though) just like what I did during my college graduation. But this hair treatment as my bday present would forfeit my new goal of giving my hair some care everytime I finish a work project. My current Alliance project would end this August. Should I just wait till my project ends or just go to the salon on the 25th? hmmm...


Last option would be to go shopping and buy anything that I find cute. I'm thinking of accessories, a pillow I could bring at work, a new cute bag, or whatever I will think of! ISDK. 

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