Glee Season 2, the TOP 3 review


1. Rolling In The Deep
         Adele + Glee +Jesse St. James + Rachel Berry = AMAZEBALLS!
2. Back To Black
         Santana's voice fits the song's beat and melody perfectly. I got chills when I first heard of it, and more chills when I saw the performance.
3. Blame It
         ARTIE, PUCK, MERCEDES, SANTANA! Need I say moar?

1. Valerie
         This perf on Sectionals showcased so many talents from the underdogs: Santana, Brittany and Mike Chang! I have been WOWed by Santana's voice once again, and have been reWOWed by the  BRITCHANG duo. These two dancing machines should do some dance perfs more on Season 3
2. Me Against The Music
         It's Brittany and Santana with Britney's track. I dare you to be any fiercer!
3. Pretending
         TBH, I'm not much of a fan of Finchel. I always wanted Rachel with Jesse and Finn with everyone else but this performance at Nationals plus the very awkward kiss at the last part made me sort of change my mind. It's like HEY! these two look good together! How come I've never seen this?!?!

1. Santana Lopez
        I do not approve of Santana hiding her gayness but what I approve is her bitchassness that she is  frequently using for the welfare of everyone. Her lady looks are killers btw, I just wish that she's not gonna return to her cheerio self so I could adore her fashion more!
2. Rachel Berry
        This girl had been all through kinds of pain and heartaches this season and I pity her so much. But amazingly, she had not made all these eat her. She had worked herself to be on top!
3. Lauren Zizes
        I praise this girl to bits. She's a badass, she tames my Puckerman, she's plus-sexy, she has confidence,  she has everything! I'm just so glad she's part of New Directions and I just want her to have more performances! Glee staff please hear me!

1. Jesse St. James' comeback
        I'm a hands-down Jesse St. James worshipper. I went heartbroken when I heard that he's gay for real, but that doesn't stop me of wanting for his return. And when the big day came, I cannot afford not to be all kinds of excited and ecstatic! He's back, and I wish he's back for good!!!!!!!!!
2. Burt and Carole's wedding
        This moment is just so festive and joyful! I could have wanted for the wedding to not end!
3. Prom!
        Everything is just perfect!

1. Cory wanting Rachel back during Jesse's comeback
        Really Cory? Just after you dumped her? WTF?
2. Holly Holiday's farewell
        I so love her character which made my heart ache when she left quickly. No news yet if she's ever  coming back but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
3. Rachel sending Sunshine to a crackhouse
        I understand Rachel being insecure but I just hate the fact that because of this, Charice's character was  just doing 3 perfs  for the whole season. T________________T


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