Argao, Cebu! Oh, I went there!

Last Saturday is one of the happy days that I wouldn't trade for anything! And for the record, Argao is by far the farthest city in the South of Cebu that I had reached. Hooray!!

The trip was planned few weeks before the big day, there were cancellations but it was pushed through to celebrate Rose's 20th birthday and also to have a mini-reunion with my college friends. Weird to admit that we all just missed each other so much! sniff sniff

Call time was 5AM and as a true-blooded TIUMPENZ member, you would interpret it as 6AM. And yes, most of us were late for an hour! tsktsktsk! We took a bus going to Argao and luckily, we were only asked to pay P50 instead of the normal P79 fare since the busman is Rose's dad. HOW LUCKY!?!?!

During the trip, I was trying to comfort my lil sis since she had to vomit all throughout the travel. I should have known that she's not comfortable riding a bus. I could have asked her to take some meds. T____________T

When we arrived at Argao, we were warmly greeted by Rose's relatives. We had breakfast since most of us weren't able to grab some due to the early call time.

The breakfast made us all ecstatic to go to the beach and we headed there just after we ate. We rented a cottage and we prepared everything we need.. food, swimming outfits, ourselves. IT'S OFFICIALLY BEACH PARTY TIME!

And they were all so busy grilling some meat, while I just went directly to the beach!

Ojoj did a TIUMPENZ art in the sand and we can't afford to NOT take some shots
After the beach tripping, we headed to Argao's NATURE PARK. We toured the whole place, enjoyed some boating, and passed on a canopy bridge

I totally should have  worn a life jacket during the boat ride! XD

Passing on the canopy bridge looks easy when you're not the one passing. SERIOUSLY!
Shelly's puppy. So cute and sweet <3
After an hour at Nature Park...

We went home 8PM and I arrived home @ 10. I was all kinds of tired and sleepy but the next day, when I woke up, there's a big smile on my face while reminiscing everything that happened at Argao! I'm happy to spend a day with TIUMPENZ. Just made me realize how I miss these guys!

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