my first company outing

This is definitely a super late post. This should have been posted a week ago, all thanks to my busy working sked.

So last April 16, I had my first company outing. My first and definitely not gonna be the very last. All of us, newbies, are ecstatic and scared due to the oldies comments of the "INITIATION". It also gave us pressure since we are expected to do a performance infront of all people.

I'm not gonna go into wordy details since I'm running out of time so I'll just let the pics describe everything that happened that time...

did a little introduction for our presentation. I need to warn everybody about what they're gonna hear and see.
time to introduce ourselves!
stating our name, school, course, likes and motto infront of the oldies
Sir Ralf making the INITIATION shake. It's mango + ampalaya + bananas!
But no worries, they fed us pure mango shake thou! LOL

newbie boys doing their osm "NAMNAM" number
and the fun and games started. Too bad YELLOW team did not win. T__T

till the next summer outing <3 <3 <3

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