greetings from work!

hi there!

Yes, I am still alive!

Just so y'all know wae I'm MIA lately on twitter and everywhere in the online community, I AM WORKING. 8 hours, Monday to Friday, and when I get the chance to go online, I'm sleepy as hell so bed wins over my computer.

I don't have any pics yet to show to you coz of the fact that my phone cam has a crappy picture quality hence, my laziness to press the shutter. I'm still waiting for my first few pays to buy a new phone and also, there's nothing yet in my workplace that I want to show you. My workstation is still in its birth process so I don't have any decors or any stuff in there aside from my monitor, keyboard and mouse. But I promise to update y'all with everything. PROMISE.

How am I? I'm definitely fine. Work is still fun, though I have a strange feeling that it'll be stressful in the next few weeks since we are all going down and technical. I can't wait to get my ID just so I can call myself an official ALLIANCE employee. bahahahaah!

With my co-newbies, we are all having a blast. There were like 8 or more new people who are not from CIT-U, meaning, new faces and new friends! YAAYYY! I also met some KPOP fangirls. YEESSHH! I just don't want to spazz on my workplace alone. mwahahhaah!

I guess that's all I want to tell you guys. I'm still sleepy so I need to get my ass back to bed


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