f(x) is catchy as ever!!

This is basically one of the few kpop posts wherein I'm talking about a non-YG group. If you scan my posts with the "KPOP" tag, you will be bombarded with 2ne1, Bigbang, Taeyang, Taeyang's abs, Taeyang's jawline, and Taeyang's mohawk.

This time, I'm doing an f(x)-appreciation post. This group is not much my cup of tea when they had their debut. I refuse to like them eventhough I'm banging my head when I hear their songs, just because I think they are 2ne1-wannabes and also with the fact that they're outside the YG circle.

But then, they had proven to me that they ain't working their asses off just to be compared to 2ne1. They may have the same funk-swag-hip concept but they both have distinct styles which make these two groups all kinds of unique and different from each other. 2ne1 is fierce, f(x) is catchy!

I'll admit, I always fall inlove with f(x)'s songs. When we talk about the group that I like when it comes to normal kpop feel -- meaning, the catchy and playful type, then I would choose f(x). They never fail to make me dance, bang my head and rest my eyes on their choreos everytime they perform on music shows.  They are just so addictive..

Now let's dissect every member...

1. Krystal - I adore her choco abs. To be honest,  I always take intentional glimpse of her abs everytime I watch the group perform. She is also charming and pretty, no wonder she's a crowd-favorite. Too bad people are also putting her down with the accusation of her being a brat. But I basically don't care about that. me likey her!

2. Sulli - she's the cutest of them all. She's not my favorite but I still like her though. LOL

3. Victoria - this dance and gymnast genius is my bias. I may not be much of a Khuntoria fan since I see the couple to be acting fake (sorry fans), but I still adore everything about her. She's the type that could win a contest without everyone expecting. Yes, the dark horse. And oh, this may sound so creepy, but I like her thighs. Firm and strong! Now, don't ask why!hahhaha

4. Luna - I describe her as f(x)'s Hyoyeon. People tag her as the "ugliest". For me, she's the most deprived of them all. The other 4 dress so prettily but she's sometimes left out and it seems that the leftover on the f(x) closet is given to her. But I guess their fashion designer had heard about the comments and right now, I'm pretty satisfied about Luna's outfits. She looks amazing and outerspace-ish on her outfit on the MV. me likey very much! What I like about her is that she has the most amazing voice in the group. She can reach high notes without a single blink. I wouldn't mind if they ever think of a Luna solo single :D Why not?!

5. Amber - It's funny how I have hated her in their debut days. It always struck me that the other 4 are so feminine and she's the exact opposite. Then I came to the realization that my mentality is disgusting and I should not discriminate unique and osm people like her. It's even funnier that I realized this when she went out the kpop scene coz she needs time to heal her ankle. I was looking for her during music shows and that's the time that it came to my senses that I like Amber, but I'm just denying it. Now, I'm in full support! It just makes me laugh sometimes when I can see her girly swag during their performances. She's just all kinds of adorable.

Since f(x) is constantly impressing me with their songs and comebacks, they are now my permanent fave!

YOU FIVE ARE GOOD JOB!!!! <3 <3 <3

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