to go or not to go

I've been all kinds of dying to see these 4 ladies in a real concert.

First of all, I haven't been in a concert due to educational and financial constraints. Plus the fact that Cebu is not Manila, meaning, all the great and amazing international artists only flock in Manila to do their concert. No Cebu, just Manila.

Amazingly, for the first time in a long time, an international artist will break the curse. Bruno Mars will be doing one here in Cebu this April 7 but unfortunately, my financial status is forcing me not to go. I just hope the concert ends amazingly just so concert producers will know that they'll earn big time in producing a concert here in my homeland.

So 2ne1, when I first heard that they'll be doing a concert here, I was ecstatic. Like I was listening to their albums for hours to uplift that ecstatic feel. I for sure can afford it since I'll be working already starting April, plus, the concert was postponed from May to June, thus, more time to save some bucks.

But here's the problem, I AM STILL DOUBTFUL. I don't even know if my parents would allow me to go to Manila JUST to see the concert. They actually don't know about my kpop fandom so when I tell them my plans for the concert, I need to approach them ONLY when they're calm and happy. This needs perfect timing, I tell you! Plus, I don't know if I can save up for the concert since I know fo'sho that I'll be spending ALOT in the months of April and May. I got alot of people I need to treat, things I need and want to buy. I can afford, but I don't know if I could save some bucks on time.T_________T

Another factor, I'll be paying for the plane tix and my over-all expenses for my stay in Manila. That's basically $$$$$$$$$$$ expensive. And knowing YG and 2ne1's busy schedule, I'm pretty sure there'll be alot of changes and stuff. I am totally afraid of the thought of buying concert and plane tickets and then days before the D-Day, they would announce that the concert is postponed to another month.  O________O

With all these concerns, I still dunno if I could go or not. The only thing dragging me to go is that I don't basically need to go to Korea to see 2ne1. And it's a once-in-a-lifetime opp that I don't wanna pass. We all don't know when this concert's gonna happen again. It's really hard to miss.


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