Rebecca Black and Friday

It's really hard NOT to be mean when the issue is about Rebecca Black and her Friday song. So if ever you're having this girl as your next idol, STOP READING THIS!

REBECCA BLACK has been on the TT list for days now on twitter which made me a bit curious why twitterbugs are trending her name, so I searched her up everywhere and I finally arrived on this youtube video which I assume is the reason for this insanity in the online community!

If you haven't watched this yet and you are planning to, then I'm pretty sure you're gonna stop this video after a minute. But for you all to know what my rant is about, I encourage you to play this video til the very end even if it means that you'll be wasting 3min of your life.

/start of rant
THIS VIDEO, THE FRIDAY SONG AND REBECCA BLACK ARE JOKES! I don't know if Rebecca is serious about this song, or if she's planning to enter the music world, or if she's just making fun of herself because her life is just plain miserable but damn, THIS WHOLE THING IS AN EFFIN' JOKE!

The video starts with a little booklet and it's dramatically flipping its pages to the days of the week. I should have known that Rebecca's YEAH YEAH YEAH on this part is a sign of what's coming for the next 3 minutes.

Then Rebecca shows in bed, then goes downstairs where her family is at the back being all kinds of hurry for work and school while the little Rebecca faces the camera, singing, acting as if nothing has happened!

She then gets into the bus stop, then her friends arrive with a car. Now here's the funny part, it's pretty obvious her friends are not even on legal age to get a license and to drive a car. So what's up with that Rebecca? You even have the nerves to decide which seat are you taking? FRONT or BACK? I'm giving you a big laugh on your humongous face!!!!!!!!!!

When I first watched the vid, I stopped at the BUS STOP part. I seriously can't go on. Then I saw screencaps of the "USHER/FLORIDA" guy driving  so I watched the vid the second time. Skipped the BUS STOP scene of course. And again, I was disappointed!

and here's the most hilarious of all the irrelevants in the universe...

Yesterday was Thursday, 
Today i-is Friday,
Tomorrow is Saturday,
And Sunday comes afterwards

 If having this lyrics is a crime, then Rebecca should be shut in an electric couch for the rest of her life!!! Now I know what comes after and before Friday! CLAP CLAP! Thanks Rebecca!

the only significant thing about REBECCA BLACK?
/end of rant

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