to Seungri meh love

oh you Seungri, yes you little lustful and deceiving maknae, you had successfully got rid of TOP on the 2nd spot of my very own Bigbang royalty ranking. I think it's all because of your normal hair winning over TOP's absurd white strands.

You came back with a mini-album that surprisingly satisfied my music tongue with all of your songs. I'm licking everything pop-ish and ballad-ish. For the first time ever in the history of my kpop-hungry self, I had finally liked an album and ALL its tracks, yes, ALL its tracks. Taeyang failed to do that FYI, thou I started to like all his SOLAR and HOT contents after listening to all a few more times. But in your case, you already got me after my first loop on your VVIP album. With that, the 2ND HIGHEST THRONE is yours! Taeyang still gets the highest place thou.

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