Hell to the Cats

I admit, I'm on this unexpected TV SHOW SPREE in the last few months. Glee, Misfits, and now HELLCATS!

and who/what to blame for this recent addiction *slash* insanity? EASY A.

I've been so obsessed with Easy A that I'm sort of online stalking all the casts. And my recent target? Alyson Michalka. Isn't she just pretty and booby? I'm no lesbi okay, just forever jealous.. damn that body and blondie curly hair. isn't she just pure osm? <3 <3 <3

and how's the tv series?
Yes of course it involves cheerleading, a pretty good buy after the BRING IT ON fever minus the bitching thou. It shows cheerleaders' lives, how they live everyday, with pressures, school, love, and challenges. Now enough with the drama, I'm really not good with storytelling so you better watch this show for yourself.

And oh, I'm pretty satisfied seeing Ashley Tisdale in here. I mean, I always am, but when did I last saw her? Highschool Musical. yes, I HAD BEEN obsessed with HM before. JSYK. but just because of this gurl and not because of the Vanessa H. and Zac E. drama. I've never been their fan. sorry folks, my opinion counts for me. So back to Ashley, yes, I've been pretty happy seeing her as the good girl right here. Just before watching it, I thought she's gonna be the cheery bitch but nah uh, she's the rebel-for-a-good-cause and I'm pretty sure y'all would <3 her more when you see her on this.

I'm currently finishing all the 11 episodes so when the 12th gets back this Jan 25, I'll be HELLCATS ready.

go Hellcats! <3

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