somebody tell her to not be sexy


the AMcQ appreciation post

I am definitely NOT the most updated fan of the international fashion industry nor the most adequate person to critique fashion but as far as my fashion research and abilities are concerned, Alexander McQueen will always be the greatest fashion icon evarr!

Not only his designs are awesome, but every piece is well-thought-of. Details are exaggeratedly emphasized. From gowns, to heels, to clutches, to scarves, to every AMcQ creation, all with a stroke of genius! Reason why such sorrow had blanketed the whole industry when the great man died last year.

Feast your eyes with my list of AMcQ faves.

and the osm-est of them all...

RIP very osm man. Your creations will always be the greatest evidences that there once lived a man of fashion greatness.


After 3 months and a day...

Checked last post and it was dated September 25. Talk about hiatus ai't?

For 3 months and a day, SOOOO MANY HAD HAPPENED. There were life-changing sad moments, there were also awesome ones. 


Hooray for my first 6 months in Alliance Software Inc. Time just went so fast and as far as I could remember, there was the orientation, first Summer Outing & the first ever newbies presentation, first project assignment, first newbies outing in Moalboal, and booom, we all went regular emps! Ofcourse the stress is there but it's the people and workmates that make me want to work more. 


2. From Cebu City to Moalboal

First ever newbies outing happened in Moalboal. It's also been a pride since we were able to pull the event off even for just a few days of preparation. The newbies may not be complete that time but still, every minute of the event was precious. It was obvious that everybody had a great time!

we were roasting mallows. yummy and deli!
group picture before we bid Moalboal goodbye!

3. You will be missed MAMA

This has got to be the most sorrowful thing that ever happened to me. Mama died due to the cancer cells from her cervix that went up to her lungs few years after her cervical operation. September when we were informed about her latest condition and all I could ever remember that I did was break down and pray for her to stay even until March of 2012 so she could still witness my sister's graduation. My mama values education so much and I know she'll be very happy to see my sister walk down the stage and get her diploma. I'll be selfish to wish that coz I know that even early this year, she is already in pain. October she started to take in oxygen from the machine we rented so she could just stay at home and still be comfortable with her condition. She's been so strong in her last few months. She still takes care of my siblings every morning by checking if they've already brought all the things they need for school. She still checks up on me every night when I arrive from work. Everything seems normal except for the fact that we already know what's about to happen soon. 

When mama died, it was less hurtful for I know I already did my best to be with her in her last few months. There was already acceptance from her and from us. It was like everything's already planned and all we have to do is wait. We don't want to see my mama get hurt every day. We have no choice but to accept. 

And now, a huge responsibility had been thrown down upon me. No choice still, I just have to be more responsible this time, with Mama as my guide. <3 you Mama

the day before my college graduation! she's the one who did my  make-up :D

4. the MA family

A big part of my family may had been taken but a new one had blossomed and they are numerous to make me happy... my MA family!!!

My MA family had been there since May this year. They were my confidants in the most stressful and happiest days of my work life. It's just so sad to know that we will be saying our goodbyes already this Jan2012 after the project ends. HUHUHUHU

the original FISH FAMILY - daddy fish, baby fishes and yaya fish
during our Team Building at Papa Kit's
the funniest bangka ride ever!!
@Sir Jezz' theatre room for his bday

5. TIUMPENZ Christmas Party

Geez, how I miss these people. They've been my buddies all throughout college. I've spent my 4 college years with them and now that we are all apart, I'm happy that we were still able to fit into our schedule this little get-together. 

TIUMPENZ with Santa
Ilyn's gift now added to my collection of rings

6. The 1st ASI Christmas Party = The 1st Shameful Performance

I am possessed with bathroom singing abilities ONLY and to be able to sing and rap Super Bass in this event which if I may emphasize, THEY FORCED ME TO DO, is just full of tons of shame! To comfort myself, I just keep telling me that atleast I had made my shuuuperstar fantasies come true. I also enjoyed being able to share the stage with my beloved co-hopefuls, Glenda and Onin, in this one-time event. Enjoyed the whole night. It was all full of glam and fab! Love et!

group's called GIF - Glenda, Irese and Friend
probably the last Christmas party with MA team! huhuhuhu
Newbies' Victoria's Secret Fashion Show-inspired presentation, Moves Like Jagguuhh!!

Now you've been updated, let's hope this will be a sign of my comeback! Hiatus no more, more blog posts coming!!!!!

photos courtesy of: Aiko Manimbo, Razel Paldo, Yanna Ponce, Annette Mondano, Ryan Valmoria


this is the time

when I just keep on crying, pretending that every problem would just come out together with the tears flowing from my eyes and that I will be better as soon as I let everything out.

I pray,

I cry,

I pretend everything is ok,

I then realize it's not,

then I cry again.

Lord God, give me strength and courage to carry all these!


It's Crazy, it's stupid, it's love!

So I finally watched this movie yesterday. And for the record, I watched this movie twice since I was 15 minutes late when I arrived so I need to rewatch the whole thing and dammit, I'll give this movie a PERFECT 10!

First of all, this movie has awesome actors and actresses. Hands down! Everyone is seen, everyone is heard! It's a perfect blend! If I become a movie director, I wanna get all of the casts for my film coz they all just possess great talent and skills. They make the movie believable and funny-without-being-funny!

This movie not only makes you happy in the eyes (RYAN GOSLING. RYAN GOSLING's ABS. RYAN GOSLING's HOTNESS) but also in the heart. Lotsa lessons learned about how crazy and stupid love is. I guess this is what everybody needs! Yes, everybody needs this movie! It shows all forms of love, it may be one-night-stand lusts, crushes, bf-gf love, heartbreaks, heartaches, marriages, NAME IT, EVERYTHING IS IN HERE! I'm pretty sure that when you watch this,you'll have one movie character that you could relate to!

Emma Stone, she's awesome. Didn't know I could still love her more even if I had loved her the most after Easy A. She's definitely the actress that makes other actresses run for their money. She carries her character with so much class and beauty making that character your instant favorite. I am pretty sure that I won't be having any regrets if I would choose to watch all of her upcoming films in theaters even if it would mean that I'll get broke. 

and my man, Ryan Gosling, is the ultimate man! He does everything with so little effort yet he still looks flaming sexy! From eating that cheesy pizza, to slapping Steve Carell's face, OH MY GAWD! Yes, my friends, my sanity's gone right after I have seen him in this movie. I would prolly sell my kidney to the devil just to catch a glimpse of him in real life, and sell my intestines (small and large) just to handshake him! He, for me, is the epitome of a perfect guy, nuff said!

If ever you still have doubts if you're gonna watch this movie or not, then doubt no more! Head to theaters right away and watch this great masterpiece coz I tell you, it's worth your movie bucks! There are still alot of things going on that I haven't told in this post, lotsa other characters I'm pretty sure you're gonna love so yeah, watch this film, like NOW!


asthma buster

So I bought this MY-LIPS-ARE-SEALED face mask to prevent my constant asthma attacks every night which I know is caused by our airconditioner. It's about the air circulating blah blah blah making me have a-attacks almost every night. I don't know if this mask is effective since I still do have constant a-attacks though they are not that worse now! haha

irese ♥ Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank

I am no fan of indie films. I admit that! I just find these films boring and uninteresting, and though I know for a fact that there are some that are genuinely creative and amazing, I would still prefer those commercialized films which are loved by many.

Last Friday, I watched "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank" with my work girlfriends and damn, how this movie had made me an instant indie film fan!

Few days before Friday, I was already wanting to watch this film since I am just in love with anything comedy. I watched the trailer and I thought this film is about a woman and how she had raised her many children despite poverty.

But I was halfly wrong!

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank is not about that woman. It's about indie filmmakers and their struggle and work to produce a creative film that would be their ticket to Cannes and Oscars. The film started boring and awkward. Then JM de Guzman, Kean Cipriano and Cai Cortez went in, then Eugene Domingo as Eugene Domingo came in who added extra hilarity to the whole film. And that's the time I became very interested of what the film is all about!

Seriously, I have been impressed! When the film ended, we were all like, "WTF! That's it? SERIOUSLY?!", We all went out of the movie house frowning and with question marks on our face! I went home still thinking about the movie. Few more times of thinking and I finally knew what the movie wants me to feel and think! Indeed, it's BRILLIANT! ALL KINDS OF BRILLIANT, I say!


earthly joys

Aside from food, I fancy earrings and rings. I just love how you could just dress simple and let your accessories do the job of making you look even better. It's like an instant beautifier and attention-catcher!

So for the sake of making this post long, lemme share to you my earthly joys...




pretty aren't they?!?! <3 <3 <3

I need a new and bigger jewelry box ASAP so I could shelter these little babies since they all don't fit in my old j-box anymore. T___T



I want this on my breakfast table, beside one pot of rice and cold pitcher of orange juice!


Crazy Stupid Love

I want to watch this movie because of the fact that Ryan Gosling is flaunting his "photoshopped" abs and osmness, and Emma Stone is in it. Yes, I love Emma Stone to death after watching Easy A. The movie is also getting good reviews and please oh please, lemme watch this on the big screen!!!!!


Definitely one of the touching movies I had ever watched.

I seldom cry because of movies. Or for the record, I SELDOM CRY! This movie had touched me dearly and made me realize that your childhood only happens once, and there's no way you could ever go back to do things that you wished you could've done when you were 8 or 9 years old.


oh my july!

My favorite month of the year.

My birthmonth.

Since I'll be celebrating my 21st this 25th, I am saving up to buy something for myself and also to treat my family, friends and workmates.  It basically is required now since I'm already earning some bucks!

But the big Q is, WHAT SHOULD I GIVE TO MYSELF AS PRESENT? I'm thinking of something big but not so big....


I have been planning to buy this since forever but I got all my priorities fixed so I had left this behind a bit. I always wanted to buy this. I've been a Taeyang fan and what else would be greater as a present to myself than a shirtless, sweaty Taeyang singing and dancing my fave songs!?


Me and my bro are in this I-delete-your-pc-files-since-you-deleted-mine relationship. I deleted his pc games before and as his sign of revenge, he deleted all my kpop files. IKR, we both love each other! *rolls eyes* So just to be safe, I need to buy myself an external HD and since I got all my old files saved in DVDs and our DVD drive is sick, I also need to buy a new one.


My hair's a big mess. I think it needs any treatment it could get so I could have my old shiny, straight hair back. I'm also planning to dye it (still not sure with what color though) just like what I did during my college graduation. But this hair treatment as my bday present would forfeit my new goal of giving my hair some care everytime I finish a work project. My current Alliance project would end this August. Should I just wait till my project ends or just go to the salon on the 25th? hmmm...


Last option would be to go shopping and buy anything that I find cute. I'm thinking of accessories, a pillow I could bring at work, a new cute bag, or whatever I will think of! ISDK. 


Glee Season 2, the TOP 3 review


1. Rolling In The Deep
         Adele + Glee +Jesse St. James + Rachel Berry = AMAZEBALLS!
2. Back To Black
         Santana's voice fits the song's beat and melody perfectly. I got chills when I first heard of it, and more chills when I saw the performance.
3. Blame It
         ARTIE, PUCK, MERCEDES, SANTANA! Need I say moar?

1. Valerie
         This perf on Sectionals showcased so many talents from the underdogs: Santana, Brittany and Mike Chang! I have been WOWed by Santana's voice once again, and have been reWOWed by the  BRITCHANG duo. These two dancing machines should do some dance perfs more on Season 3
2. Me Against The Music
         It's Brittany and Santana with Britney's track. I dare you to be any fiercer!
3. Pretending
         TBH, I'm not much of a fan of Finchel. I always wanted Rachel with Jesse and Finn with everyone else but this performance at Nationals plus the very awkward kiss at the last part made me sort of change my mind. It's like HEY! these two look good together! How come I've never seen this?!?!

1. Santana Lopez
        I do not approve of Santana hiding her gayness but what I approve is her bitchassness that she is  frequently using for the welfare of everyone. Her lady looks are killers btw, I just wish that she's not gonna return to her cheerio self so I could adore her fashion more!
2. Rachel Berry
        This girl had been all through kinds of pain and heartaches this season and I pity her so much. But amazingly, she had not made all these eat her. She had worked herself to be on top!
3. Lauren Zizes
        I praise this girl to bits. She's a badass, she tames my Puckerman, she's plus-sexy, she has confidence,  she has everything! I'm just so glad she's part of New Directions and I just want her to have more performances! Glee staff please hear me!

1. Jesse St. James' comeback
        I'm a hands-down Jesse St. James worshipper. I went heartbroken when I heard that he's gay for real, but that doesn't stop me of wanting for his return. And when the big day came, I cannot afford not to be all kinds of excited and ecstatic! He's back, and I wish he's back for good!!!!!!!!!
2. Burt and Carole's wedding
        This moment is just so festive and joyful! I could have wanted for the wedding to not end!
3. Prom!
        Everything is just perfect!

1. Cory wanting Rachel back during Jesse's comeback
        Really Cory? Just after you dumped her? WTF?
2. Holly Holiday's farewell
        I so love her character which made my heart ache when she left quickly. No news yet if she's ever  coming back but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
3. Rachel sending Sunshine to a crackhouse
        I understand Rachel being insecure but I just hate the fact that because of this, Charice's character was  just doing 3 perfs  for the whole season. T________________T