uhmm, let's get things straight

Whether this thing is true or not (I seriously hope this ain't true or if the break-up is real, I hope GDragon is not the reason or any other kpop idol), I just want all the fangirls to know that THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FANDOM AND REALITY. I may not have the right to say this all to you but as a concerned fangirl, I want to get things straight..

Breaking up with your boyfriend because you think your kpop idol is way better is purely insane. Your kpop idol is there to entertain you and all the other fangirls in the world. He is not there to mess up your life by making you break up with someone who truly exists to give you nothing but love and happiness. The things your idol is giving you are just nothing compared to what your loved ones who are always and will always be beside you could give. These artists are here to make money, to do business, to entertain. They know they have incredible and osm fans but they don't know each one of their fans personally. Would you think they would be flattered and amazed knowing you did something insane like breaking up with your bf because you are assuming that you and your idol could be in a romantic relationship one day? They don't want that. What they really care about is be in the kpop business, gather fans, make people love them, and earn lotsa bucks. Once they all accomplish all these things, all they can say is THANK YOU. Nothing more. They won't be doing some efforts to look and search for you and ask you to be with them forever. NO. They don't care about your personal life at all. They don't even personally know you so why would they effing care about your life?

If I were you, settle things by knowing the difference between fandom and reality. Fandom is just an illusion, Reality is real. I'm not saying fandom is not healthy for you. For me it is healthy. But you should know how much fandom you are willing to take into your life. If you are already sacrificing people and you seem to notice that everything around you is full of fandom glitters and illusions, then it's time for you to STOP and THINK. You don't want to arrive at one point when you're left with nothing but just you fangirling your kpop idol. Coz that would totally suck. Spending so much time and bucks for you idol and your idol doesn't even seem to care. Wake up, girl. Your kpop idols are entertainers. They don't know you and they don't care.

And to the person who posted that pic above, MOVE ON. It's not your fault. Just be thankful that you are not trapped on the fandom of your girlfriend. The break-up might just be the right thing.

Personally, I fangirl Taeyang. I get a bit jealous when there are issues about him with Dara or IU or Yuri but I don't reach the point wherein I would stalk these girls and hunt them down, or be in a hunger strike until any news about clarifying these issues would come out. I make fun of my jealousy, tweet it to my other fangirls, laugh at all these and then done!!! Im not fantasizing that me and Taeyang would end up with each other one day. NO. I idolize him because he is purely talented and his music affects me. Other than that, I become real and I face the reality that there's MORE than this. SERIOUSLY.

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