TIUMPENZ this december of 2010

Yesterday, me and my college folks conducted our last Christmas party together as classmates. It was undeniably one of the greatest highlights in my college life. It was simple yet amazingly anticipated by us prolly because of the fact that December of next years, we might not be able to get ourselves together to do the same event again knowing we will all be taking our separate lives starting March of next year *sigh.

It's pretty weird that everytime I get to bond with them, I always have this aftermath feeling of missing them already knowing they wouldn't always be around SOON. I will surely miss everything about my college group. I'll miss the corny jokes, the hilarious chitchats, the group efforts of cheating and copying during tests and major exams. Everything! everything we all have been dealing with together for four awesome college years. TIUMPENZ will ALWAYS be a FAMILY to me. CORNY AND LOVELY FAMILY THAT IS!

so before I get my kleenex box empty in here, let's continue with our christmas party. So ill just be spamming some pics coz Im really not that much good with words. LOL

Before going to the Christmas party, we spent our lunch first at the highschool canteen. Chicken feet and stuffed egg with 'puso' and lemonade will ALWAYS be osm

picture taking while waiting for the others but we always take pictures though even if we're not waiting for anyone. One fact about TIUMPENZ
The red couch that I really wanna sit in. Too bad I was forced, yes, forced to take the pictures for them. This is the only decent shot that I have with me in it. T________T I should NEVER volunteer myself to take pictures ever again. 


We took advantage of taking pictures with these cute huge animals while the personnel-in-charge wasn't looking. Good job guys!
It's time to draw our manitos/manitas. I like my lip-pout in here. LOL
our table is trashy. LOL

JULIE, my manita. My hand is dying to fit the ring I wanted in thurrrr.
and there it goes! fits perfectly.. totally so inlurvvv with it!!!! ♥♥♥
I got my new ring and I won't tell!!
my manito, RONIE. I'm glad I bought the right magazine. I was totally confused about which to pick among the 3 magazines I chose. I guess my Christmas instinct worked well! 
group picture. it's totally hard to find a pic with all of us in it. Next time, we should hire a professional photographer so we could avoid the hassle of taking turns in taking pics.

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