oh, thesis, you've been nice this christmas

I seriously had appreciated this sentence when I had this processed on my system and the correct output came out. SERIOUSLY!


I totally wasn't expecting to finish my 2nd increment this December. I was already thinking of how I could manage my time to complete the increment by January of next year. Miraculously, after a day of hard work and pure codes, I was able to have our system working. 

JSYK. those characters on the left side are in one image and once the image is processed on our system, all the characters will be recognized and will be outputted on the right side.

Thankfully, I can now enjoy a schoolCrap-free Christmas.

PS. The algorithms I used are actually not that efficient and effective, so by next year, I need to do some research and redo the whole thing. This is just made and created just in case me and my groupmates run out of time this March. :D 

PPS. Thank you heavenly Jesus for this. Happy Birthday!

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