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I know I got my thesis to work on this Christmas vacation but my brain is totally not working and my efforts are totally down just to even do some thesis-related research. Instead, I've been busy lurking and spazzing about kpop. Lots of things are happening right now in this colorful industry and my hands are all busy enough to look for some kpop vids that could feed my download-addiction. Kpop news are also pouring down like rain.


I first listened to it and it was good. I love the song, cool and upbeat. I love GD and TOP's rap and Bom's voice. The second and third and nth time of listening to it, I found Bom's voice a bit annoying on the OH YEAH parts. It's screeching evurywhere. I can sense my ears bleed. SERIOUSLY. *I can now see Blackjack pitchforks toward me. oh oh!* Too bad I'm the only one who reacts this way about Bom's OH YEAH parts. Am I just insane or whut? I tried listening to it and like it but sorry, I totally just can't. I love the other non-OH YEAH parts thou. Her voice is fuhmazing. However, I just tend to cover my ears and have the annoyed face everytime I hear her sing OH YEAH. sorry guys, I just speak the truth.


So I was video-hoarding and I found this osm performance dated since I don't know when. In this video, there's Shaun Evaristo DJing and CL rapping awkwardly. I believe it is CL's first time to perform explaining the awkwardness and weirdness of her performance. The waiter guy I think is Shaun E.'s buddy. I'm pretty sure I saw him dancing with Aimee in some vids before. Im clueless about his name thou. LOL


The sad truth is, when I rank the Bigbang members, GD comes last (1. Taeyang, 2. Seungri, 3. Top, 4. Daesung, 5. Gdragon). I honestly and seriously don't get it why GD got the largest number of fans (uh oh, pitchforks again!!) among the 5 members. I just think that in terms of abs and arm muscles, Taeyang and Daesung could totally win it. When it comes to dorkiness and sexiness, it's going to be Seungri. With rapping, no doubt it's TOP. So I myself, is left with curiosity why GDragon had WOWed a few number of fangirls that could totally kill me in just a snap once one die-hard GD fan would read this. PEACE! I am totally slow and I am just absolutely clueless.

Now here's the I-AM-NOW-ENLIGHTENED-SO-PUT-YOUR-PITCHFORKS-DOWN part. After watching his performance of BUT I LOVE YOU at the Great concert, I had then realized that this man is totally osm in all kinds. I myself have been WOWed. His falsetto is just perfect, he nailed the whole perf. In short, HE'S THE BOMB. I am a self-proclaimed loser for just realizing this fact about GD just now. Now I know why fangirls love him. HE'S A MAN OF GREAT TALENT. I need not say more even if that sentence is just an understatement. Continue wowing me GD coz I totally might give in. Right now, feel comfortable on the 5th spot but I tell you, you had just earned a gazillion plus points from me.


Oh IU, I honestly have hated you when you first confessed about your Taeyang fangirling. I've hated you more than Dara but I'm true to my words when I say that you, as an artist, I am your fan. I had first liked you when you did acoustic covers of songs coz I think they're all awesome and superb. Now that you are doing your comeback and you're releasing your album, my love for you had grown and I guess I am a total fan of you now. Let's just set aside my hatred for you when it comes to Taeyang and I promise to appreciate you and your hardwork for your comeback and promotions more. You're obviously doing well and great job, girl! Just keep yourself away from those colored-leggings. :D

 Her last note is totally a surprise. IU can belt out that?! Really? Yes.

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