joys in programming

As a programmer, it's always world-crushing when your program wouldn't work especially when you're meeting up a deadline. But somehow, the happiness and joyous victory you feel when you produce a working program is way greater than the annoying-ness and hopelessness you feel when your program becomes crap.

I've been working on my thesis for 3 weeks now (1 week honestly since I've spent more or less 2 weeks on the internet doing absolutely  non-thesis related research AKA kpop, glee, twitter) and tell you whut, I totally lost hope when my program wasn't working as planned. But miraculously, at the middle of my study for my prelim exam, I went back on my program codes, checked some parts, and as expected, some nonsense errors had been committed and after doing some retouch....yaayy, my first increment is working!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just one small yet important part of my thesis. Me and my groupmates are working on an OFFLINE HANDWRITTEN CHARACTER RECOGNITION WITH ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK system. Don't ask me what artificial neural network is please. :D First increment which should be submitted this Saturday is that one above. Our system can now recognize a character. hooorraahhh!

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