irese ♥ Misfits

Since Glee's on hiatus until February of next year, I need to have something that I could go batshit crazy about this December and January. Thank you very much for twitter and tumblr and now I've found my new love. I've only seen episode 1 of Misfits thou but who effin' cares? I am totally in love with it. It was kinda creepy and stuff but the plot's pretty interesting to keep me sane while Glee's on hiatus.

My diskspace again will be cluttered and my thesis might be semi-neglected. To keep this thing from happening, I'm putting myself into a challenge of managing my time and resisting the temptation of watching the episodes while I'm thesis working. lmao

so hello MISFITS. We'll be hanging out for quite some time. :D

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