Dear 2011,

2010 had been really good to me. She may had given me some headaches and stuff but overall, she had totally handled me with care. Now with you, I'm expecting so much. I'm pretty sure I'll be closing and opening chapters of my life throughout your entirety so I'm begging you to be cooperative and kind. I'm ending my student life SOON and ill be getting a new job prolly at your first quarter.

Please grant me some memorable things and experiences, I'm thinking of going outside the country--prolly a visit to Korea or Japan (sounds big but puhleez, let this happen) or watch an international concert @ Manila (puhleez let it be Bruno Mars'), and I promise you to be good the whole year.

Your good girl,

PS. I'm not doing any resolution coz I know it's just mainly me promising to be on diet, which in fact, something I'm willing to do only at the first 2 days of the year. I want to surprise you a bit so don't get angry if I don't have any <3 <3

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