Dear 2011,

2010 had been really good to me. She may had given me some headaches and stuff but overall, she had totally handled me with care. Now with you, I'm expecting so much. I'm pretty sure I'll be closing and opening chapters of my life throughout your entirety so I'm begging you to be cooperative and kind. I'm ending my student life SOON and ill be getting a new job prolly at your first quarter.

Please grant me some memorable things and experiences, I'm thinking of going outside the country--prolly a visit to Korea or Japan (sounds big but puhleez, let this happen) or watch an international concert @ Manila (puhleez let it be Bruno Mars'), and I promise you to be good the whole year.

Your good girl,

PS. I'm not doing any resolution coz I know it's just mainly me promising to be on diet, which in fact, something I'm willing to do only at the first 2 days of the year. I want to surprise you a bit so don't get angry if I don't have any <3 <3


irese ♥ emma stone

Inlove with her after watching EASY A. Now I'm googling and about to download all the movies that she's in. I just have to see her if she's talking though coz her voice totally sounded like Miley's.

I love her. nuff said!


what to expect from MISFITS

 I spent my pre-Christmas days watching MISFITS, nights of 23rd and 24th and finished the whole show afternoon of the 25th. MISFITS is basically about 5 ASBOs doing community service who got special powers when they were struck by lightning during a storm.  SERIOUSLY, you need to watch this. WHY? Coz it's beyond awesome!

So if ever I was able to convince you or you're then all suddenly interested and curious, you can download all episodes here.

When you watch it, expect..

Nathan, the curly-haired skinny guy, is the funny man and most of the time cracks all the epic jokes and sarcasms. I was totally laughing the whole time watching it. Piece of advice, don't watch it by yourself. You don't want people to think you're oddly cuhrazy laughing infront of your computer or TV right? right?!

These all just basically describe Nathan. He's all sorts of these but seriously, you'll hear all these words a million effin' times all throughout.

Kelly, the straight-haired girl has very osm accent. I always wanna have one and after watching this, believe me, you'll learn british.

This is for all the perverts out there.

It's not only the 5 of them who gets powers after the storm so expect a shitload of special powers and kadabras throughout the show. Some powers are funny and some are the HEY-I-WANNA-HAVE-THAT-ONE type. MISFITS is like the laid back version of XMEN. lol


wishlist: FOREVER21

So this is how the "SPENDING" for me will be... online shopping, buying, online shopping, buying, online shopping, buying. Sounds selfish and rude but ofcourse, I'm not gonna spend all of my savings on these. Just a few and I'll then be satisfied.

So here are just some of the lovelies I'm eyeing and wanting on my wishlist, the FOREVER21 style..


They will all be mine.... SOON


oh, thesis, you've been nice this christmas

I seriously had appreciated this sentence when I had this processed on my system and the correct output came out. SERIOUSLY!


I totally wasn't expecting to finish my 2nd increment this December. I was already thinking of how I could manage my time to complete the increment by January of next year. Miraculously, after a day of hard work and pure codes, I was able to have our system working. 

JSYK. those characters on the left side are in one image and once the image is processed on our system, all the characters will be recognized and will be outputted on the right side.

Thankfully, I can now enjoy a schoolCrap-free Christmas.

PS. The algorithms I used are actually not that efficient and effective, so by next year, I need to do some research and redo the whole thing. This is just made and created just in case me and my groupmates run out of time this March. :D 

PPS. Thank you heavenly Jesus for this. Happy Birthday!


irese ♥ Misfits

Since Glee's on hiatus until February of next year, I need to have something that I could go batshit crazy about this December and January. Thank you very much for twitter and tumblr and now I've found my new love. I've only seen episode 1 of Misfits thou but who effin' cares? I am totally in love with it. It was kinda creepy and stuff but the plot's pretty interesting to keep me sane while Glee's on hiatus.

My diskspace again will be cluttered and my thesis might be semi-neglected. To keep this thing from happening, I'm putting myself into a challenge of managing my time and resisting the temptation of watching the episodes while I'm thesis working. lmao

so hello MISFITS. We'll be hanging out for quite some time. :D


uhmm, let's get things straight

Whether this thing is true or not (I seriously hope this ain't true or if the break-up is real, I hope GDragon is not the reason or any other kpop idol), I just want all the fangirls to know that THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FANDOM AND REALITY. I may not have the right to say this all to you but as a concerned fangirl, I want to get things straight..

Breaking up with your boyfriend because you think your kpop idol is way better is purely insane. Your kpop idol is there to entertain you and all the other fangirls in the world. He is not there to mess up your life by making you break up with someone who truly exists to give you nothing but love and happiness. The things your idol is giving you are just nothing compared to what your loved ones who are always and will always be beside you could give. These artists are here to make money, to do business, to entertain. They know they have incredible and osm fans but they don't know each one of their fans personally. Would you think they would be flattered and amazed knowing you did something insane like breaking up with your bf because you are assuming that you and your idol could be in a romantic relationship one day? They don't want that. What they really care about is be in the kpop business, gather fans, make people love them, and earn lotsa bucks. Once they all accomplish all these things, all they can say is THANK YOU. Nothing more. They won't be doing some efforts to look and search for you and ask you to be with them forever. NO. They don't care about your personal life at all. They don't even personally know you so why would they effing care about your life?

If I were you, settle things by knowing the difference between fandom and reality. Fandom is just an illusion, Reality is real. I'm not saying fandom is not healthy for you. For me it is healthy. But you should know how much fandom you are willing to take into your life. If you are already sacrificing people and you seem to notice that everything around you is full of fandom glitters and illusions, then it's time for you to STOP and THINK. You don't want to arrive at one point when you're left with nothing but just you fangirling your kpop idol. Coz that would totally suck. Spending so much time and bucks for you idol and your idol doesn't even seem to care. Wake up, girl. Your kpop idols are entertainers. They don't know you and they don't care.

And to the person who posted that pic above, MOVE ON. It's not your fault. Just be thankful that you are not trapped on the fandom of your girlfriend. The break-up might just be the right thing.

Personally, I fangirl Taeyang. I get a bit jealous when there are issues about him with Dara or IU or Yuri but I don't reach the point wherein I would stalk these girls and hunt them down, or be in a hunger strike until any news about clarifying these issues would come out. I make fun of my jealousy, tweet it to my other fangirls, laugh at all these and then done!!! Im not fantasizing that me and Taeyang would end up with each other one day. NO. I idolize him because he is purely talented and his music affects me. Other than that, I become real and I face the reality that there's MORE than this. SERIOUSLY.

Glee cracks me up

Will Schuester is a perv! lmao


oh kpop..

I know I got my thesis to work on this Christmas vacation but my brain is totally not working and my efforts are totally down just to even do some thesis-related research. Instead, I've been busy lurking and spazzing about kpop. Lots of things are happening right now in this colorful industry and my hands are all busy enough to look for some kpop vids that could feed my download-addiction. Kpop news are also pouring down like rain.


I first listened to it and it was good. I love the song, cool and upbeat. I love GD and TOP's rap and Bom's voice. The second and third and nth time of listening to it, I found Bom's voice a bit annoying on the OH YEAH parts. It's screeching evurywhere. I can sense my ears bleed. SERIOUSLY. *I can now see Blackjack pitchforks toward me. oh oh!* Too bad I'm the only one who reacts this way about Bom's OH YEAH parts. Am I just insane or whut? I tried listening to it and like it but sorry, I totally just can't. I love the other non-OH YEAH parts thou. Her voice is fuhmazing. However, I just tend to cover my ears and have the annoyed face everytime I hear her sing OH YEAH. sorry guys, I just speak the truth.


So I was video-hoarding and I found this osm performance dated since I don't know when. In this video, there's Shaun Evaristo DJing and CL rapping awkwardly. I believe it is CL's first time to perform explaining the awkwardness and weirdness of her performance. The waiter guy I think is Shaun E.'s buddy. I'm pretty sure I saw him dancing with Aimee in some vids before. Im clueless about his name thou. LOL


The sad truth is, when I rank the Bigbang members, GD comes last (1. Taeyang, 2. Seungri, 3. Top, 4. Daesung, 5. Gdragon). I honestly and seriously don't get it why GD got the largest number of fans (uh oh, pitchforks again!!) among the 5 members. I just think that in terms of abs and arm muscles, Taeyang and Daesung could totally win it. When it comes to dorkiness and sexiness, it's going to be Seungri. With rapping, no doubt it's TOP. So I myself, is left with curiosity why GDragon had WOWed a few number of fangirls that could totally kill me in just a snap once one die-hard GD fan would read this. PEACE! I am totally slow and I am just absolutely clueless.

Now here's the I-AM-NOW-ENLIGHTENED-SO-PUT-YOUR-PITCHFORKS-DOWN part. After watching his performance of BUT I LOVE YOU at the Great concert, I had then realized that this man is totally osm in all kinds. I myself have been WOWed. His falsetto is just perfect, he nailed the whole perf. In short, HE'S THE BOMB. I am a self-proclaimed loser for just realizing this fact about GD just now. Now I know why fangirls love him. HE'S A MAN OF GREAT TALENT. I need not say more even if that sentence is just an understatement. Continue wowing me GD coz I totally might give in. Right now, feel comfortable on the 5th spot but I tell you, you had just earned a gazillion plus points from me.


Oh IU, I honestly have hated you when you first confessed about your Taeyang fangirling. I've hated you more than Dara but I'm true to my words when I say that you, as an artist, I am your fan. I had first liked you when you did acoustic covers of songs coz I think they're all awesome and superb. Now that you are doing your comeback and you're releasing your album, my love for you had grown and I guess I am a total fan of you now. Let's just set aside my hatred for you when it comes to Taeyang and I promise to appreciate you and your hardwork for your comeback and promotions more. You're obviously doing well and great job, girl! Just keep yourself away from those colored-leggings. :D

 Her last note is totally a surprise. IU can belt out that?! Really? Yes.


pic sick

This GD photo is my new fave pic of him. I find it classy and his hair here looks normal and it ain't obvious that it resembles a bird's nest. The blue outfit complements the necklace and the background added some class on this promo pic. This could totally be my computer wallie..

Oh, and I just realized that this CL photo together with the GD one seems like they both came from one MV. I wish YG releases a few more with the other YG artists. I totally wouldn't mind and I'll surely gonna be the happiest kpop fangurl in the world coz that surely gonna be SSIICCKKK.


TIUMPENZ this december of 2010

Yesterday, me and my college folks conducted our last Christmas party together as classmates. It was undeniably one of the greatest highlights in my college life. It was simple yet amazingly anticipated by us prolly because of the fact that December of next years, we might not be able to get ourselves together to do the same event again knowing we will all be taking our separate lives starting March of next year *sigh.

It's pretty weird that everytime I get to bond with them, I always have this aftermath feeling of missing them already knowing they wouldn't always be around SOON. I will surely miss everything about my college group. I'll miss the corny jokes, the hilarious chitchats, the group efforts of cheating and copying during tests and major exams. Everything! everything we all have been dealing with together for four awesome college years. TIUMPENZ will ALWAYS be a FAMILY to me. CORNY AND LOVELY FAMILY THAT IS!

so before I get my kleenex box empty in here, let's continue with our christmas party. So ill just be spamming some pics coz Im really not that much good with words. LOL

Before going to the Christmas party, we spent our lunch first at the highschool canteen. Chicken feet and stuffed egg with 'puso' and lemonade will ALWAYS be osm

picture taking while waiting for the others but we always take pictures though even if we're not waiting for anyone. One fact about TIUMPENZ
The red couch that I really wanna sit in. Too bad I was forced, yes, forced to take the pictures for them. This is the only decent shot that I have with me in it. T________T I should NEVER volunteer myself to take pictures ever again. 


We took advantage of taking pictures with these cute huge animals while the personnel-in-charge wasn't looking. Good job guys!
It's time to draw our manitos/manitas. I like my lip-pout in here. LOL
our table is trashy. LOL

JULIE, my manita. My hand is dying to fit the ring I wanted in thurrrr.
and there it goes! fits perfectly.. totally so inlurvvv with it!!!! ♥♥♥
I got my new ring and I won't tell!!
my manito, RONIE. I'm glad I bought the right magazine. I was totally confused about which to pick among the 3 magazines I chose. I guess my Christmas instinct worked well! 
group picture. it's totally hard to find a pic with all of us in it. Next time, we should hire a professional photographer so we could avoid the hassle of taking turns in taking pics.


irese ♥ edei

I can't believe this London girl only got like a thousand plus followers on twitter and her youtube vids got only an average of like ten thousand plus views. This girl is fuhmazing. She totally needs a good break in the music scene so everybody could know her and her mad skills.

Everything of her screams UNIQUE. Even her tanned skin, messy golden-brown hair and her mole near her lips. I think I don't need to blog all my praises for this underdog so I'll just give you her website and youtube channel so you could check her out for yourself. Dang, believe me, SHE IS GREAT. JUST GREAT


irese ♥ LXD & Madd Chadd

I always wanted to be a dancer but never in my entire life have I ever wanted to be a great dancer sooo bad until I met the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD). Everything is dope, everything is jawdropping. I totally love everything!

If you don't get what I mean and you yourself wanna be amazed, check out LXD's site and  episodes. They are just soooo good!

and my current love right now, Madd Chadd. ♥♥♥


i need bucks


don't stop the music. boredom strikes.


joys in programming

As a programmer, it's always world-crushing when your program wouldn't work especially when you're meeting up a deadline. But somehow, the happiness and joyous victory you feel when you produce a working program is way greater than the annoying-ness and hopelessness you feel when your program becomes crap.

I've been working on my thesis for 3 weeks now (1 week honestly since I've spent more or less 2 weeks on the internet doing absolutely  non-thesis related research AKA kpop, glee, twitter) and tell you whut, I totally lost hope when my program wasn't working as planned. But miraculously, at the middle of my study for my prelim exam, I went back on my program codes, checked some parts, and as expected, some nonsense errors had been committed and after doing some retouch....yaayy, my first increment is working!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just one small yet important part of my thesis. Me and my groupmates are working on an OFFLINE HANDWRITTEN CHARACTER RECOGNITION WITH ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK system. Don't ask me what artificial neural network is please. :D First increment which should be submitted this Saturday is that one above. Our system can now recognize a character. hooorraahhh!