irese ♥ jason zhang jie

I had first set my eyes on  this guy when I was watching MAMA2010. With shows like this, I don't really give much attention on artist' performances unless they're my biases, but this guy right here just caught my attention with his performance and voice. I'm a proud fangirl now since just recently, I'm opening my doors to other artists other than those I'm supporting like forever. I'm venturing myself into the rough sides of music fangirling and I think that's a good thing set aside the fact that it'll clutter my diskspace and it will give me a difficult time in choosing which artists' songs should be on my music player.

So, as a new Zhang jie fangirl, I googled and wiki-ed him, and downloaded his albums and dangg, his songs are all superb. The kpop-to-cpop shift is just weird thou in a sense that you've already fed yourself with kpop lyrics you yourself don't understand and then you're here again, not understanding any word but this time, it's in mandarin. But I am not complaining at all, I'm a diverse music fangirl now. HAHAHAHHAHA

Here's the song I all went crazy about. :D

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