Fcuk My Life

I got this weird and ridiculous headache for a couple of days now. I just got a bit sick yesterday morning and now I'm a bit feeling better yet about to become bitter coz this stupid headache is about to strike again. Torn out physically, I am!

I got this week and next week to be online and be in a download-everything spree but this thing kinda bores me a bit. Sadder news, we got some assignments and tests on our Alliance training now so tell me where the hell is my sembreak? But I shouldn't be complaining thou! Yeah, give us more but seriously,  I'm torn out mentally!

My online social life is blaahh! I got time now to get my ass back to twitter but I ain't in the mood for chitchats. I miss all my twittah friends, I really do but my lazy ass is just too lazy to do some convo! sorry guys! So yeah, I'm torn out socially!



Letting Go

WARNING: This post is totally ridiculous and cheesy. IDEK why I'm writing this!

I've been offline for 2 days this week coz our PC got messed up and my technical skills ain't enough to have our PC's normal and well condition back asap. So when we had it checked, hard disk got broken so we need to replace it with a new one, meaning, FILES DELETED, FILES NO MORE!

but here's whut,

I haven't felt anything. No, I actually felt a bit of comfort and a bit of free-ness. The reason why I ain't screaming and yelling mentally is because I got no use for all of it since classes just ended few weeks ago so all the #schoolCrap files saying goodbye to me is just nothing! and I got some of them saved on DVDs  few weeks and months ago.

When I got my newly repaired PC back, I was staring at it for a few minutes and when I look at all the empty drives, I felt totally free. Free from all the mess, free from all the things I've been holding on before. I haven't even bothered putting all those saved and recovered files back on the drives.

Here's the cheesy part, beware!

Letting go is sometimes what people are scared of. They're scared to do so coz they know they'll be losing something, they know that it ain't the same thing again once they let go, they know that everything will change, they know that they'll miss those things that will bid goodbye to them once letting go is made. But if you just try to take all the worries on the possible consequences that might happen after it, if you just try to give it a try, if you just try to let go, then you'll see how great it is to start anew!


pre-sembreak quickie

As of today, I only got two #schoolCraps I need to work on, one test and one research proposal. Yaay! And I think I can finish both before Sunday, another Yaay! So that only means I'll be getting back to my twitter, blogger, glee, kpop life soon. IMISHOOSOOEFFINMUCH! I still got a PHILNITS exam I need to retake thou but that I think I can handle :D

oh, btw, I already got my class schedule for my hopefully last second semester *crosses fingers* and everything's done in the morning with one laboratory in the afternoon for Wednesday. We got Saturdays thou but that's alright! :D

that's it, a quickie quickie before this semester ends. Ciao♥



oh, brittany!

so Grilled Cheesus is a pretty heavy episode, the exact opposite of Britney/Brittany, and mind you, I got teary-eyed on Kurt's solo, but seriously, Brittany's quotes never fail to crack me up!

here's the bombest bomb from her..
ROFLMAO, so true!

Sorry but I can't talk much right now coz of schoolCrap but I promise to make a long post next time for the next episodes. Ciao for now :D