best glee episode ever, it is!

My hands are always in this blog-glee-every-week-or-else-ill-die spell so inorder for me to save myself from this harsh-yet-addicting situation, I'm gonna give in. So let's begin...

Glee S02X02 - Britney/Brittany

I've been waiting for this episode since I-dont-know-when. It's been announced already that the hitshow will be doing a Britney Spears tribute and since the news spread out, I've been counting the long days before the episode shows. Everyone's excited about this, including me, obviously, and all the other gleeks who've been gleeks since Glee birth. Pictures were posted, teasers were uploaded, tweets from the Glee casts and Britney were floating all over twitterverse, everything is just fed to us so we could all wrack up our minds. TOTALLY INSANE. And now it's here, I could proudly say that THIS EPISODE IS THE BEST GLEE EPISODE EVER!

 [Don't say I didn't warn you!]

 I just couldn't agree more! 
Let's just say Will got some competition :D

I don't know the whole deal but is this why BLUETOOTH exists?

The biggest revelation of all! This made me crack up!
why hello Ms. BRITTANY S. PIERCE

if you ain't sweating bucket and clapping your hands out of joy
after watching this performance, then there is something wrong with you!
Brittany can ungay gays and lesbianize girls!

my mighty Puck as bartender, oh sexxayy!

and scary Terri is back, NICE! 
let the TERRI-WILL-EMMA-CARL love square(?) begin

nothing beats Finn and Puck wearing their football costume 
grinding and hip-twisting as back-ups!
This is life :D

Becky, is totally cute and adorable! Aaawww
No wonder Brittany and Sue love her!
Go Becky!

These 3 screwed the Toxic performance scene
but I admit, their comments and screams 
made me LOL hard.

Brittany's genius quote for the week.

 and Brittany's genius quote for the week #2.

Let me say this once again and I think I'll be saying this 464486416587734167 times in my whole gleek life,


Ouchie T____T

Today is just awfully bad T_________T

1. I got my monthly visit and it hurts a bit. T__T
2. I had this ingrown toenail that's hurting me since yesterday and it got even worse today so I need to skip class coz I can't barely walk. T__T
3. My bro, mom, and dad just sprinkled me with some virus giving me a sore eye. Eyedrops are actually working, hope they're all enough to keep the red out permanently. T__T
4. I got a training class tomorrow. How can I even be present with all these awful body conditions? T__T

Not my day, Obviously not my day! T__T



I SHOULD be on blogging hiatus til October but Glee always gives me that itch to sign in to blogger and do a post about this current addiction.

I watched the pilot episode, through livestream, I spazzed on twitter, all alone, since only very few of my friends are gleeks and most of them are on the kpop fandom (JSYK, I need some new Gleek friends, starting NOW!). The pilot episode is just AMAZING, just to give you a rundown,

1. it's FINN and RACHE, TINA and MIKE
2. FINN's out of the football team, he auditioned as a cheerio but there's no news yet if he'll be in, but seriously, FINN and CHEERIO just don't go well. Have you seen FINN dance? So? You still want him as a cheerio? Really? Seriously? Ok, whatever! On the other hand, it adds hilarity to the show, so just bring it!
3. QUINN is back on the squad, adding some spice on the QUINN-SANTANA rivalry. yaaaayy!
4. CHARICE impressed me. Her acting ain't that bad. It's above-average and I'm starting to like her ... AGAIN.
5. The new football coach, BEISTE, hmmm, I like her. She's a bit of an old crybaby but I think she's good and kind and a good tool for Sue's downfall.
7. I admit, SAM's a hot guy. A VERY HOT GUY. his BILLIONAIRE rendition is totally heart-melting. Every girl will surely fall for him (including gays)
8. SUE SYLVESTER is still MEAN! tsktsktsk

So, the GLEEK blogger is back, I might be blogposting every Wednesday about Glee, that's thanks to Glee! :D

and oh, btw,  EPISODE 2 of next week is making me giddy!



til next week! :D


instant update

so here's what's going on with my life now, BUSY.

Im sorry for not updating posts and for not getting my kpop slumbook done daily. School's been getting my attention lately, and yes, KPOP too! 2ne1's comeback is here, I know, and I'm spazzing about it on twitter.

I might be on hiatus for awhile and I'll get back to you as fast as I can.

For now, I'll give you this update about myself...


ashton's body = UNF

Seriously, where are all those guys who are UNFly like Ashton Kutcher? Demi Moore got hers and I need mine NOW! I haven't gotten so much attention for his naked upper torso until I watched KILLERS. my oh my, im a bad hot men worshipper. If I had been his fan before, I could have cried when I heard of him and Demi Moore being together. Right now Ash, I will start NOT neglecting you anymore. I promise to do some daily worships for you, your torso, smile and lips. thank you very much!

im doomed!

just unless it's my Special Problem research proposal!


life's too serious to be serious!

01) Contemplate - kulang ang mga pinggan
02) Punctuation - pera para maka-enrol
03) Ice Buko - nagtatanong kung ayos na ang buhok
04) Tenacious - sapatos na pang tennis
05) Calculator - tawagan kita mamaya
06) Devastation - sakayan ng bus
07) Protestant - Tindahan ng prutas
08) Statue - Ikaw ba yan?
09) Tissue - Ikaw nga!
10) Predicate - Pakawalan mo ang pusa
11) Dedicate - Pinatay ang pusa
12) Aspect - Pantusok o pandurog ng yelo
13) Deduct - Ang pato
14) Defeat - Ang paa (ng pato?)
15) Detail - Ang buntot (ng pato?)
16) Deposit - Gripo (Call DIPLOMA if DEPOSIT is leaking)
17) City - Bago mag-utso; A number to follow 6
18) Cattle - Doon nakatila ang Hali at Leyna
19) Persuading - Unang Kasal
20) Depress - Ang nagkasal sa PERSUADING
22) Defense - Ginamit ng mga pangsulat sa kontrata sa PERSUADING
23) It Depends - Kainin mo ang bakod
24) Shampoo - Bago mag-labing-isha (11)
25) Delusion - Maluwang (kapag maluwang ang damit, eh DELUSION)
26) Delivery - Walang bayad. Kapag working lunch, eh DELIVERY na ang
27) Profit - Patunayan mo
28) Balance Sheet - What comes out after eating a balance diet
29) Backlog - bacon saka egg
30) Beehive - magpakatino ka
31) CD-ROM - tingnan mo ang kwarto
32) Debug - ang ipis
33) Defrag - ang palaka
34) Defense - ang bakod
35) Defer - ang balahibo
36) Deflate - ang plato
37) Detest - ang eksamin
38) Devalue - ‘yon ang susunod sa letrang V
39) Devote - ang boto
40) Dilemma - brownout!, a!
41) Effort - ‘dun nagla-land ang efflane
42) Forums - apat na kwarto
43) July - nagsinungaling ka ba?
44) Liturgy - what comes after litur F
45) Thesis - ito ay…


this is just so right!

so Jeka Kalotkin, one of my fave dancers ever, is in Korea right now to help Shaun with some choreos for Taeyang's concert. THAT.IS.JUST.FREAKING.AMAZING!

Are you serious? that's like one of the best things that could ever happen in the concert aside from a topless Taeyang playing the saxophone (YG, if you could hear me, pretty please. TAEYANG & SAXOPHONE).

Now I'm all excited, and excited, and excited, and freakin' excited!

if you don't know her, search her up!

it's the happy time!

I'm feeling giddy this September 1st coz I know that...
- End of 1st semester is just a month and a few days away,
- this Second semester on November is gonna be our last. Graduation, hello!