planned-out stress

I always say hello and get some chit chats with my friend, sleepless night, because of some night-to-dawn internet surfing but this time, I'll be saying hello for another stressful reason--> SCHOOL STUFF.

I just received an email from my professor about my research proposal that I submitted to him last week and I am not pretty happy with his comments. It's not that they're awful and hurtful, but because all the comments will surely keep me VERY busy in the next few months.

Then the thought, "IM SCREWED IF I WILL NOT GET SERIOUS & WILL ALWAYS BE TEMPTED", hurtfully kicked in! I got piles (literally and figuratively speaking) of projects with alarming deadlines. And these projects are not just those eenie-meenie little easy stuff. They're all HUGE.

So starting now,
I MIGHT be feeling all these

and I'll be printing this out for my own satisfaction
when I experience numbers 7-10

and will feel the opposite of this!

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