naughty Bigbang

yes ladies, we got another Bigbang lusting on twitter -- SEUNGRI.

and thanks to our great twitter fangirl detectives for the amazing skills of spying on some YG dancers' tweets, translating every tweet through the ever and will forever be crappy Google translator and to @Hwangssabu for confirming the whole mystery over @sexybackv1's true identity.

and you know what's so weird about this whole thing, buddy? our Bigbang fellas are like playing games on us. Taeyang followed and unfollowed Seungri's twitter acc yesterday. What's going on guys? Are you all playing tricks on us? Do you want to us to carry the burden of going through the Sherlock Holmes' process and be annoyed by Google for giving us the weirdest translations that ever occurred on the face of the earth? But you know what, bring them all in! I don't care if we do all these 3 more times as long as we have all 5 of you just a tweet away from us!

Bring it baby, BRING IT!!

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